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Marijuana Sales Remaining Solid Despite Federal Unemployment Help Stopping

August 15, 2020

Tens of millions of Americans were depending on the federal government additional unemployment benefit of $600 per week, tacked onto the state unemployment payout. That federal subsidy stopped at the end of July, throwing an enormously painful monkey wrench into the daily experience of individuals and families being able to make ends meet during the pandemic economic depression.

Yet, despite that stoppage of the federal $600 a week, recreational marijuana sales have remained solid in the first weeks of August. The Trump administration commitment to send out $300 weekly in federal unemployment subsidy has only started in Arizona. It’s also unclear how long that subsidy would run for.

So, without federal help, the marijuana market, so far, is keeping up its pace, and in a few key areas it actually increased. Which means the marijuana economy is in pretty good shape at this time. Though there are concerns as to what happens as we go forward from week to week without the federal help. Individuals and families with the $600 week were “normalized” and could spend normally or near normally. With that gone, spending patterns are becoming geared to what is essential. Is marijuana essential? In some cases, yes. In others, maybe, or no. Medical marijuana which is not taxed could become more sought after.

Here at TOR we continue to manufacture and sell the best, most affordable mid-size extraction cum trimming machines for the hemp and cannabis product or product-preparation industries.

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H2O Extraction – a Powerhouse Very Clean Method Our Machines Easily Do

August 5, 2020

One of the most powerful features of our TOR machines (two sizes) is its ability to do high quality H2O extraction, or ice water extraction. It is also called bubble, ice-resin, full melt, water-extracted resin, ice resin and cold water extraction resin. It is regarded by many experts as the cleanest type of naturally-made extraction processes. Why? Because it has all the benefits of a concentrate, yet is all natural and the final concentrate does not contain solvents or any other chemicals found in butane, isopropyl and other solvent-made concentrates.

H2O extraction is about resin made by placing plant clippings and dried flowers into iced water (appropriate amount of ice plus water) and then having that cold water mixture “wash” the biomass to gather high potency resign glands for use as a concentrate.

When you use this method you isolate resin glands from other material the plant produces, and this results in the cleanest, purest dose of high quality resin that can be derived without using solvent-based extraction.

This means right off the bat that you’re getting very purse resin doses without the expense or pollution of solvent-type extraction.

The physics of the H2O process is this: when you use ice water to make “bubble” you’re using temperature, stirring and wet sifting to isolate the resin glands. That’s it. Very natural and pure. The “bubble” process involved putting plant material into a “work bag” that has a micron screen built in, along with the ice and water. This makes a slurry of iced water and glands that are squeezed through the screen, then into a set of smaller screens for finer screening. In the case of our TOR machines, this H2O process is a tumbling in our machines with the ice and water, then the water-resin slurries out into the micro screen bags until you have the final resin concentrate.

Our TOR two sizes of machines make this process largely mechanized, and thus easier and much more efficient in purity and volume. The main benefit of this process is a very concentrated, pure resin product that has very little plant material in it.

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The Golden State Question: Will California Legalize CBD?

July 25, 2020

Cannabis and hemp product manufacturing, pre-product preparation companies and harvest companies are among our biggest customers in California. This is where we started (in northern CA) when we first designed our The Original Resinator dual function trimming and separation (one function at a time) machines in 2012. We’re proud to be part of the cannabis/hemp business culture in California, and work hard with our TOR machines and other equipment and solutions we offer to bring the best engineering, performance and prices for mid-size production needs.

So, the California outlook for legalization of CBD is important to all of us, from growers to CBD product manufacturers, and finally to consumers. With the upcoming November election, there’s been a lot of published commentary on California’s legalization of CBD status. While we’re in 2020, there are still conditions that came up in 2018 that profoundly effect CBD legalizing. In mid 2018 the California Department of Public Health’s Food and Drug Branch (CDPH) published a FAQ stating that CBD is unlawful in California, and as a result there were occasional enforcement attempts and a widespread shutting down of the market purchasing power for CBD products.

Over the past two years, valiant and intelligent efforts have been made to legislatively moot the CDPH’s authority by passing laws that lead to regulated CBD products. Thus CDPH’s impact on the market is reversed, and the enforcement efforts stopped.

The most recent legislative attempts to legalize CBD ran into the covid-19 pandemic and have stopped, though there is one strong hope that in August 2020 the CA state legislature may take up the bill and be able to pass it.

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Nebraska Should Go to Polls in November to Legalize Medical Marijuana

July 15, 2020

Our customers for our two highly-rated extraction and trimming machines are all over the U.S. operating for cannabis, hemp and botanical product manufacturers. Our machines are part of the chain of manufacturing that extends into the plains states where many among the population are dependent on medical marijuana for a variety of healthy or pain management reasons.

Right now Nebraska does not have legal status for medical marijuana usage, which means many tens of thousands of people are deprived of the medical marijuana benefits, and end up traveling to other states for their marijuana or making other black market arrangements to ease suffering and add years to their lives.

Legalization advocates in Nebraska have braved the covid-19 pandemic to gather enough signatures on a state initiative petition to place medical marijuana on the ballot for November voting. The signature drive brought in more than 182,000 signatures, whereas only 122,000 are required to get on the ballot. That is more than 10% of the eligible voters in the state. For the month of June 123,000 signatures were gathered—before the signature campaign was put on hold. These signatories are from all 93 counties of the state.

The initiative would have voters decide on whether to allow Nebraskans to use, possess, access and produce cannabis for serious medical conditions. A doctor or nurse would have to recommend the usage. The signatures now have to be validated by the Secretary of State’s office.

A spokesperson for the Nebraskans for Sensible Marijuana Laws are confident the initiative will pass easily.

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Preparing for Federal Marijuana Law Reform

July 5, 2020

No one can really predict when federal law may change on marijuana and cannabis to being legal from Hawaii to Maine, but there are serious discussions on how to prepare for what many consider to be inevitable. We here at The Original Resinator keep on top of these kinds of discussions so we can better serve our customers and potential customers. For one thing, the presidency and administration coming in in January 2021 may very well be the Biden administration. And there may be a Democrat plurality in the senate. This bodes well for a federal legalization of marijuana sometime over the next four years as the general mood of the country forms enough of a majority to support legalization – along with its increased tax revenue.

Marijuana Business Magazine recently did a series of interviews with cannabis industry executives who came into cannabis from other industries. Across the board their take is that marijuana product companies must begin using traditional measuring methods that are used by consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies – methods such as financial metrics and models.

One of the major suggestions these executives talked about was observing the legalization of hemp and taking away from that in preparation for the legal status of marijuana. Within the hemp industry changeover to legal status there is much foreshadowing of what would come in terms of federal oversight (think FDA) and other government agency changes.

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Dry and Wet Bud Trimmers – The Wherefore of TOR

June 25, 2020

There are a lot of people getting into the cannabis or hemp product industry, or are expanding their existing business. These start-ups or expanders need to have very high quality trimming equipment that is the right size for their operation, perform well, are extremely reliable, have top notch customer support, and are affordable. Now, all the manual trimmers are knocked out of this because they are just too small. And quite a few of the automatic trimmers are also on the small side in that they’re not trimming enough per hour to meet production throughput.

There is also the reality of being able to do both dry and wet bud trimming. There are not a lot of machines out there which can do both the dried buds and the wet buds coming right in from harvest (which can have some advantages).

Our TOR dry and wet bud trimming machine is the just-right size for entrepreneurs coming into the market at the smaller or mid-size professional level. We have two sizes of machines so our customers can choose (after talking with us for recommendations) which one best fits their needs.

Our trimmers are rotary, meaning they are rotated by motor in a drum shape, which is a much-proven efficiency in design. They’re bladeless, meaning there are no blades involved – for a much cleaner and more rapid trim. The turnaround time is incredibly swift.

Our trimmers use CO2 (or not if that is your choice) for trim so clean and fast you’ll immediately see the advantage of the CO2 method. If your harvest is cannabis, hemp or botanicals, these TORs are much-prized workhorses. They’re used every day all over the U.S. and Canada even into Europe.

Finally, these trimmers are also extracting / separating machines. That’s right. Two processes in one machine. Doing trimming. Then doing extracting separating. Incredibly efficient. And the bang for the buck is extraordinary.

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Hemp Production in the U.S. Goes Down But Grower Numbers Go Up

June 15, 2020

Yes, hemp acreage planting for 2020 year over year is down by 9% from 2019 due to uncertainty over state-by-state regulations. Plus there was a surplus of hemp flower and biomass held over from 2019 that shaped the planting volumes. And falling wholesale prices contributed to the slump.

The falling wholesale prices is great for product producers and that extrapolates into a bigger demand for hemp extraction and trimming equipment such as The Original Resinator line of mid-range priced extraction and trimming-in-one machines.

On the other hand, the total number of growers in the U.S. has grown by a staggering 27%. This means that the total number of growers growing hemp has increased by 1 in 4, and this has led to hemp being planted in more states. This may pressure further downward motion in the wholesale prices, which could drive a further spike in production, particularly as the covid-19 pandemic is continuing to boost product sales.

As of June this year, 465,787 acres had been planted with hemp, as reported by 47 states reporting planting statistics to Hemp Industry Daily. In 2019, there were 34 states with hemp planted, so the number of states having hemp agriculture has increased dramatically.

One of the big users of hemp for CBD is the pet treat industry with its robust line of CBD oil products for dogs, cats and bigger animals. Our TOR machines in two sizes for mid-range production and affordability are used by several companies producing pet CBD treats. Our machines enjoy an industry-wide reputation for performance excellence, very pure output at a fast turnover rate, and the ability to switch our machines quickly from extraction/separation to bladeless trimming.

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Cannabis Products Showing at Big Expo in San Francisco

June 5, 2020

Among the most important expos in the country featuring cannabis business interests is the Cannabis Business Summit & Expo. Many observers consider this expo as the premiere business-to-business cannabis event to bring together industry thought leaders, entrepreneurs, science and production experts to facilitate networking, knowledge and viewing products and services toward business growth.

The legal cannabis business is generating $10 billion in sales and employs some 243,700 full time jobs.

This year’s expo is being held in San Francisco (where medical marijuana was born) at the Moscone Center with its 120,000-foot floor.

And for the first time, actual THC products from the over 400 vendors being represented will be shown on the floor. This is a major breakthrough for the 7-year old Expo, with officials stating that products are for “display purposes only.” Yet, that showing is considered a very good step forward for the industry and its events.

The Expo dates have been moved forward to September 29 to October 1, 2020 from the original expo date of June because of covid-19 concerns.

At TOR our engineering approach and attention to cannabis or hemp processing quality and efficiency has produced the latest generations of TOR machines, which do both extraction and trimming (one process at a time). According to our customers, our machines are the best in performing CO2 or H2O ice water extraction and bladeless CO2 trimming. Call us today.

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Cannabis Shown to Relieve PTSD Symptoms Temporarily

May 25, 2020

Here at The Original Resinator headquarters, we keep abreast of many facets of cannabis, hemp and botanical news or announcements that are germane our work of engineering the best rotary CO2 extractor / trimmer available for all the hard working people producing products in this rapidly evolving industry.

The medicinal value of cannabis is getting another big notch on its belt with a study just out from Washington State University researchers. The study concludes that marijuana temporarily relieves PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) symptoms by 50%. The study then questions whether marijuana medicinal usage would be efficacious in long-term PTSD treatment. The study was done through 400 PTSD volunteers who self-reported their experiences and data. All together, there were 11,000 patient entries over a 31-month period.

The study was published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, and came to a promising conclusion on temporary relief from PTSD symptoms for veterans and others afflicted by this syndrome.

The data showed that smoking or vaping marijuana reduced all PTSD symptoms by over 50%. Specifically, irritability was slowed down by 67% and anxiousness by 57%. The phenomena of returning thoughts of a traumatic event was reduced by 62% and flashbacks by 51%.

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Cannabis Cultivators Are Looking Hard At the Pandemic’s Future Impact

May 15, 2020

While sales of cannabis products (from edibles to smokables) are brisk as a response to the pandemic’s stay-at-home or seeking-comfort conditions, the major cannabis cultivators are taking a more serious look at what could happen to the cannabis industry – both medical and recreational – as the unemployment rate goes to over 20% and gets as bad as the Great Depression and a very bad recession (possible depression) is unfolding day by day.

Cultivators are looking at a variety of ways to manage their finances in anticipation of a possible downturn in the buying patterns and abilities of consumers in states that permit cannabis sales. As the summer goes on will the large numbers who are currently buying cannabis products be able to afford continuing to buy them? And if not, that is going to immediately put financial pressure on cultivators and manufacturers or processors.

Among the measures taken by cultivator executives or managers is to be more self-reliant in taking care of their equipment and machines. They are also examining how they can recycle PPE as a response to the additional quantities of PPE needed as the covid-19 pandemic continues in outbreaks and safety measures continue apace.

Other companies are doing tight-beltening audits so they can burrow down deep into their profits, loss and expense records to see how good a shape they’re in, or not, and need to make adjustments. One of the major expenses is the supply of covid-19 safety materials, including sanitizing solutions and the PPE required in keeping operations clean, which is part of the marketing check-boxes for cannabis cultivators and producers.

Our extraction / trimming machines have been designed and manufactured since 2011 to be the best equipment a processor can buy in terms of engineering and dual purpose functionality, but also for affordability.

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How the Cannabis Industry is being Changed by Covid-19

May 5, 2020

Part of the news that is coming out of the cannabis news magazines is the admonition to the question of: Can cannabis or CBD prevent or cure covid-19?
The answer is at this time: No. Despite rumors and theories making the rounds of social media that cannabis or CBD may work as an preventative or curative, these claims are not true. So, please don’t make assumptions about cannabis as some kind of cure or if you use it, you won’t get covid-19.

There is a team out of a Canadian university that is investigating 13 strains of cannabis sativa (out of 800 they tried) that show promise in inhibiting a protein that is necessary in host tissues that the covid019 establishes itself. But this is in the very early stages of study.

The production of cannabis products is going ahead in this early part of May as cannabis dispensaries have been deemed “essential” in many states. Some states have closed recreational outlets but allow medical use outlets to remain open. In some states there is only curbside and delivery pickup.

What this means is that cannabis product sales are, so far, picking up in the covid-19 era, which means for businesses manufacturing cannabis (or botanical) products or for those who wish to start a new business now – it is a windfall time to being growing or starting out. This is, of course, counter intuitive, as we are in a recession teetering on a depression. But it is turning out that cannabis during a pandemic is so far recession proof.

Here at The Original Resinator, our line of dual purpose separator extractors / CO2 trimmers are being sold at a brisk pace to large and small business owners. We currently have 2 sizes of TOR’s and are soon to be releasing additional sizes.

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Cannabis Strains – Effective Against Covid-19

April 25, 2020

A research paper from a team of scientists out of Canada has isolated 13 cannabis sativa strains that they say may aid in preventing and treating covid-19. The Canadian government sponsored research developed over 800 new cannabis sativa extracts with the hypothesis that they modulate ACE2 protein expressed in the host tissues that covid-19 targets for implanting itself.

So far, the team has been able to experimentally demonstrate that it is much more difficult for the SARS-CoV2 coronarivus to establish itself in test tissues in order to infect us with covid-19. Not that this means that these strains work in trials and are available for purchase over the counter.

The next steps for the Canadian team would be to more firmly establish the efficacy of the anti-protein approach from these specific cannabis sativa strains, and if those show promise to move on to human trials — if government approved and peer reviewed.

If this turns out to be an effective preventative or treatment for covid-19, then it represents a bonanza for the cannabis production industry as such a preventative would undoubtedly be very popular. It would also contribute to the activism toward the U.S. federal government legalizing cannabis sativa products.

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Advantages of The Original Resinator as a One Does All During Boom Times

April 15, 2020

An irony is upon us in that the coronavirus pandemic has made cannabis a bigger, more important market in a matter of weeks. Ninety percent of the American population is in a stay-at-home lockdown. Elective surgeries and medical procedures have been postponed, medical therapy needs are increasing, people are getting cabin fever and other psychological challenges, and there is an increase in both alcohol and recreational marijuana usage as means of dealing with the lockdown, or the gut-wrenching anxiety over job loss or furloughs.

The result is a boom in cannabis product sales, from marijuana-based to CBD-oil based.

Many cannabis and hemp product businesses across the U.S. are expanding their production capacity to meet the demand that is covid-19-driven and for next year when it may be concluded (with a vaccine developed), yet the demand is still growing.

The question is: what equipment is going to drive you forward in cannabis or hemp processing? Our team at The Original Resinator have perfected two mid-size machines that perform all the processes you need for getting your product to the ideal kief stage. This includes trimming, trichome collection and separation/extraction with CO2 or ice water, with a very pure high yield output per hour. These are done one process at a time, not all at once, so you’re quickly and with fine control completing one process, then going into the next. One machine (the OG) is the more modest size with a 1.5 pound per trim cycle or 3 pounds for the separation function. The other machine (the XL) handles up to 7 pounds per trim cycle or 15 pounds for the extraction process. Both machines trim 1 pound per minute.

TOR will soon have additional sizes of machines for you to choose from, so you can perfectly match your budget and production goals. And the latest model of the XL was just recently upgraded with better design and functionality.

The advantages of having a machine that both trims and extracts (using CO2 or H2O ice water) are noteworthy for growing businesses. The machines are designed and engineered from the ground up to perform the main processes required to get to the real gold: very pure, rich kief. The speed of output is remarkable. And the quality is superior to other units output. The units are very easy to clean and to switch over from one process to another, even with changing from CO2 to H2O work.

The trimming handles wet or dry, with up to 85% less time used when trimming by hand.

All this translates into very considerable savings of money and time. So, for these boom times, every cannabis or botanical product producer should be quickly and seriously looking at the advantages of The Original Resinator.

To learn more about our cannabis or hemp extraction and trimming machines, please go to our Home page here, and then give us a call to talk over what is the best TOR for you.

Sales and Challenges in Cannabis Growth in States Amidst Pandemic

April 05, 2020

Across the U.S. there are 33 states that permit the sale and use of marijuana in some form. That is 33 states that pre-covid-19 had legal production, sales and delivery of cannabis products that include marijuana. With the pandemic outbreak of covid-19 27 states ruled that cannabis businesses are essential (or a similar designation) and would remain open. This included medical marijuana and recreational marijuana sales in some states, and only medical in others.

This is good for legal cannabis businesses, which are enjoying a historical boost in sales. Marijuana sales records are being broken now in many states. However, since there are disparities between states in how cannabis is delivered to customers, or if it would be, there was panic buying in mid-to-late March. Some states decreed that curbside pickup was fine, while others stated that the product could be only delivered. Many people anticipating a stay-at-home order in their states stocked up on marijuana for medical and therapeutic purposes. And some who were expecting medical marijuana cards but they hadn’t come yet also stocked up at any recreational outlet they could.

In some states marijuana went from illegal to essential in a very short time, according to Karen O’Keefe, a policy director at the Marijuana Policy Project.

There are now 43 million Americans who use cannabis medically or recreationally, who are spending $70 billion a year on cannabis products. Advocates for marijuana were projecting that by the end of 2020 that 40 states would have some form of legal cannabis laws passed. However the covid-19 epidemic will slow that down as legislative priorities have changed.

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Cannabis is “Essential” During the Covid-19 Stay-at-Home Times

March 25, 2020

There are 45 U.S. states which are issuing stay-at-home orders in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This means thousands of businesses in each state have had to temporarily shutter as they are not “essential” to people and functioning society during the lockdown or to the state or local governments during lockdown.

Cannabis businesses in many of these states have been deemed “essential.” This “essential” identity has put cannabis into the forefront of public and societal needs with a renewed meaning as to what is essential to our lives as we stay at home. Cannabis is up there now with food, drug stores, gas, banking, internet, utilities, policing and firefighting as essential to a minimum-functioning society.

Marijuana and CBD and other products deriving from cannabis are recognized as being vital to people’s health, therapeutic needs and well-being during a serious disease outbreak. What is more, the essential designation applies to recreational cannabis businesses open in states that permit it.

Karen O’Keefe, the state policies director for the Marijuana Policy Project, says: “Most of the American public and an increasing number of government leaders stopped buying into the demonization of cannabis years ago. Now, not only have two-thirds of states recognized that medical cannabis should be legal—with 11 legalizing adult-use—many are recognizing that safe access to cannabis is essential.”

Even in Maryland, which governor is Larry Hogan (Republican), made medical cannabis growers, processors and dispensaries as exempt to the non-essential closing of businesses in the state. Medical marijuana deliveries in Maryland are being done in parking lots.

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Top Trimmer for Botanicals Used in Food, Cosmetics, Health

March 8, 2020

In the arena of botanicals derivatives used for health, food and cosmetics businesses, the trimming and separating manicure process is a critical part of the chain toward deriving the highest quality oils, tinctures, essences and concentrates. What we’re talking about here are processes that have been around for thousands of years, as part of the ancient world’s beauty, health, eating and sacerdotal cultures. Ancient Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, China and India all developed, evolved and practiced the arts of essence extractions from herbs, flowering plants, fruits and more. From cuisine to religious liturgies these oils and essences played significant roles in daily culture. These were forms of chemistry. Today, the botanicals essences industry is an advanced science, yet involves the same basic steps harvest, trim and separate steps from ancient and medieval times.

Our TOR trimmer and separator works for all botanicals that have resin glands and can be trimmed in a bladeless, tumble-style process. The TOR is also a powerhouse extractor, so it performs two major processes for your botanicals essences’ business in one machine — one process at a time.

The botanicals that are often trimmed in our machines are: chamomile, comfrey, lavender, mint, hops and basil — among many resin-gland crops that can be trimmed in the TORs.

Our The Original Resinator machines are designed for trimming and separation with bladeless engineering – meaning there is no metal blade that is shoveling through your flower and resin glands. Our method uses gentle tumbling in an open cylinder with the controlled injection of CO2 gas to uniformly flash freeze your biomass, with the flowers tumbling to a high quality nylon mesh screen. The leaf material is separated from the dried flowers, leaving the flowers and resin glands intact along with some touch up to quickly do. Up to over 40 pounds an hour can be trimmed and separated for your botanical extraction process.

The TOR’s design is for easy loading, cleaning, and reloading. All together, with the bladeless gentle tumbling, the efficiency and accuracy of the CO2 flash freeze, the mesh winnowing and other winnowing factors, and easy load and reload for up to 40+ pounds an hour — this is why we call the entire system the Cryo-Trimmer™.

For botanical trimming and extraction, check out our Home page here, and then give us a call to talk over what is the best TOR for you.

Cost Effective, Engineering Advantages of a Cryo-Trimmer™ Machine

February 28, 2020

Trimming your harvest or the crop you bought doesn’t need to be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Our personal experience in trimming includes having to do everything by hand which took far too long and becomes a daily chore, rather than a process that’s fast and works far better than by-hand. That’s part of the reason we developed our first combination trimmer/extractor machine back in 2011, nine years ago. We took existing engineering and technology applied to cylinder style trimming with the option of CO2 to the next level in 2011. Now, our two sizes of machines have just come out with their latest engineering and performance updates. So, now you have two new models available for purchasing, and our prices are competitive and affordable in today’s marketplace.

Our machines are for commercial needs and residential growers.

Imagine the horsepower of trimming and separating 40-plus pounds per hour in our larger XL machine.

Here’s a list of the advantages to our trimming machines:

  1. Trims cured and uncured flowers.
  2. Leaves are easily turned brittle by micro gas injections, quickly fracturing from the flowers, keeping trichomes intact and preserving the critical botanical essences of the yield.
  3. Terpene profiles are maintained – a critical criteria.
  4. The vitality of the flowers is maintained with no loss, and flowers normalize in minutes.
  5. For most efficient and quality leaf extraction and separation, CO2 flash freeze, when utilized correctly, is the preferred method.
  6. Trims and separates up to 40+ pounds per hour – now that is efficient.
  7. The trimming is through gentle tumbling with no metal blades so there is a minimum bruising of the trichomes and flowers. It is bladeless.
  8. The machine lid also doubles as a sanitary workstation.
  9. Easy to load, clean and reload. Fast turnaround on product trimming and separating.
  10. The ideal environment is maintained for proper separation and trimming, and provides continuous temperature control.

For bud trimming and extraction, check out our Home page here, and then give us a call to talk over what is the best TOR for you.

Valentines Day – Falling in Love with Your Dry Bud Trimmer

February 14, 2020

Dry Bud Trimmer

It’s Valentines Day, and there couldn’t be a better time to give a Valentines sweetheart shout-out to the TOR Cryo-Trimmer™, the dry or wet bud trim machine you’re going to fall in love with. If you have investors, they’re going to love this machine too, as it directly contributes to bottom line profits.

As we discussed in our last two blogs, the TOR Cryo-Trimmer™ is the outcome of a thoughtful evolution in engineering of the machines that do the trimming (or separating) for you of the cannabis or hemp harvest. This is an evolution that’s been taking place from 1997 to 2020.

Our intention since we came out with our first The Original Resinator machines in 2011 is to produce the most efficient, best engineered drum-tumble style trimmer that works with (or without) CO2 on dry or web flowers – and does this as fast as possible and as reliably as possible day after day when harvested material is available.

Our current Cryo-Trimmer™ comes in two sizes: the OG model has a 1.5 lb. capacity and the larger XL model has a 7 lb capacity. The start-to-finish time for doing 5-7 pounds of bucked material is 5-7 minutes, or a pound a minute—with allowances made for the nature of the flowers as not all flowers process in the same amount of time. You can quickly see that the output for a few hours or days work is enormous. And the CO2 dry trimming with the Cryo-Trimmer™ does not require any change of your standard drying and curing processes. The natural “dry” process inherently permits the flower’s water molecules to cure organically so the flowers you are working with are the natural way you expect for going into extraction.

With the TOR OG or XL models, the only work required for the trimming is the “bucking” of the plants in prepping the flowers and leaves to go into the Cryo-Trimming™ and the quick clean-up of the material left over after the trimming, which has fallen down to the bottom plate of the OG or XL, and is scooped out in a matter of seconds.

The final amazing positive of these two sizes of TOR machines is that they are also “extractors” and we’ll talk about that in our next blog.

For bud trimming and extraction, check out our Home page here, and then give us a call to talk over what is the best TOR for you.

Why the Cryo-Trimmer™ - A Pound a Minute, Very Affordably

February 1, 2020


In our last blog we compared cannabis trimming to picked-cotton cleaning or ginning. It is an apt comparison. The cotton gin revolutionized the economics of cotton yields. The first marijuana machine trimmer (out in 1997) was a very large machine with a lot of moving parts, had a daunting learning curve, and was very expensive. It did not “revolutionize” the cannabis trimming process, but it started an fast-moving evolution of machines and techniques for cannabis trimming. And fast trimming led to higher speed prep and much larger loads ready for kief trichome extraction, which led to much higher production of kief-related products and CBD or other cannabis-related oils, which led to an explosion of CBD or marijuana extract products from foods, ingestibles and topicals. It also led to revolution in botanical trimming and extraction for botanicals like chamomile or hops.

Now, cannabis trimmers come in all sizes, a variety of engineering shapes, range in price from cheap to six figures, can be very easy to use, and utilize a variety of methods for the bud trimming.

Trimming is now a science and technology in the cannabis/hemp world. All this for the removal of the excess leafage from around the buds on the harvested plant. Of course, this used to be done by hand, and there are still small hand-held tools that help DYI types who clean their own harvest buds.

Now, in 2020 there is a remarkable new technology called Cryo-Trimming™ which takes the best of CO2 cryo (or freezing) the flowers to the next level of efficiency and affordability. Imagine a machine that has an output of trimming a pound of flower material a minute, without damaging or reducing the inherent trichome quality of the flower. And that machine is very affordable ($5,800 for the smaller model and $8,500 for the larger model).

So, in a typical day of work (dealing with cannabis or hemp harvest that has a good bucking and big leaf removal job done), the output could be 40 pounds an hour, or 320 pounds in a good days work. Convert that into the profit you make for 320 pounds of flowers ready to extract, then you get an idea of the very attractive ROI for the purchase of this TOR machine.

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The Cryo-Trimmer™ Takes Charge of Trimming Fast and Pure

January 15, 2020


For those in the cannabis and hemp processing industries, “trimming” is a word fraught with concerns as to “how much time,” and “but, the quality is just not that good.” You’ve got harvesting of the crop, then you’ve got trimming of that harvest so it’s perfectly ready for high-yield extracting. It’s just like cotton: its harvesting of the crop and then separating the “lint” from the “seed,” so you have cotton ready to go to textile mills. The cotton out of the field has dirt, grass, leaves that needs to be removed, then sticks and burs are removed, then the load is crushed for oil, then the lint is cleaned of seeds, and only then is it ready to go to mills. With the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney, the cleaning process for cotton was made easier, faster, more efficient. And today’s cotton gins are very advanced machines of extremely rapid cleaning power.

The cleaning or “trimming” of cannabis or hemp buds has undergone a similar revolution with the invention of the trimming machine. It is not as complex as cotton’s cleaning steps, but it, nevertheless, is necessary and contributes to the time and money of cannabis or hemp in making a profit. The first marijuana trimming machine was invented in 1997 by Ryan Hall. It was a revolutionary step and paved the way for several methods for trimming dry or web buds from cannabis or hemp harvests.

Now, in 2020, the Cryo-Trimmer™ from The Original Resinator company is at the zenith of the technologies for trimming harvests in the affordable, mid-price range. It is the outcome of our first tumble-style trimmer introduced in 2011.

At the heart of this methodology is the controlled introduction of freezing CO2 into the load of dry or wet buds needing to be trimmed or “cured,” and the timing of the curing process so that the trimming is done extremely well, yet is done as fast as possible so that many loads can be done in a day.

The TOR Cryo-Trimmer™ is designed from the ground up to perform this curing function very fast, efficiently, and with the a super-clean yield that’s ready to go right into the extraction process.

Our discussion will continue in the next blog.

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