Best Cannabis & Hemp Extraction & Trimming Machine —
All in One

Don’t settle for less. Save time and money with the largest capacity multi-use botanical extraction unit on the market.

•Increase quality and yields by FLASH FREEZING plant material with liquid Co2.
•Now you can BUBBLE while you TUMBLE, simply add water & ice.
•Traditional DRY SIEVE - Add dry-ice for better, quicker results.
•Utilize DRY-ICE to achieve frozen resination.
•Bladeless Tumble Trimmer cuts trim time by up to 85%.

The Original Resinator is an authentic American product, quality tested to exceed industry standards. All of our products carry a 1 year limited warranty.

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Best Cannabis (and Hemp) Extraction Machine System. For All Marijuana or Hemp Production or Pre-Production Needs. CO2, H2O, Dry Ice Extraction. Plus The TOR Is A Pre Extraction Unit For Big Supercritical Machines. Best Performing Marijuana Trimmer. TOR Is The Affordable, Mid-Level-Cost All In One Machine.

Our TOR Cannabis extraction machine delivers very pure, high yield output time after time – increasing your production and profits. This is an all-in-one extraction and trimming machine. It’s mid price range affordable. In short, it’s the powerhouse you need in your business.

CO2 or H2O cannabis extraction – easy, reliable, fast, high volume. Hemp extraction machine for reliable, continuous commercial processing. Marijuana trimmer – best engineered and ease-of-use machine for small to mid-size businesses.

Medical marijuana extraction for pure yields with up to 14.5 lbs per load processed. Your cannabis and hemp needs to be rendered fast, as pure as possible and in large volume. That’s what TOR does. Our machines are sought out every day by buyers in the cannabis, hemp or medical marijuana industry.

And our TORs are priced to fit in your business budgets. That’s why we build 2 sizes of extracting system machines – one for moderate output and one for large yield output. Return on investment is huge.

Our many customers in the business often tell us we are the top performing extraction machine on the market. As one reviewer stated, it is “Clearly better than the rest.” “Best CO2, H2O extraction equipment for the price.” “A fast, clean, bang-for-the-buck dry bud trimmer – I’m using it every day.”

2011 – that’s when our TOR rotary separation machine was invented - designed for multiple needs, including the all important prep work for oil extraction. It is protected by multi-use patents. It performs pre extraction to extraction to separating to bladeless trimming. That’s why hemp extracts and products come out purer and cleaner with our machine (or in tandem with our machine and another process machine like the Apeks Supercritical).

CO2 extraction machine – yes, the Resinator is a powerful workhorse. You can turn out your CO2 extractions yields. You can farm out your CO2 extraction services to make more money. Apeks Supercritical CO2 extraction – we are the perfect machine to work in tandem with the Apeks Supercritical close loop high pressure equipment.

Leaf and flower separator – TOR is extraordinary and very cost effective. As a dry trimmer, we have better production metrics than the Twister Trimmer T2 and T4.

For Tinctures, Salves, Edibles, Oils, Topicals or Concentrates – you want extracts that are as pure as possible. Our machines are engineered for degrees of purity. Commonly extracted undesirable compounds left over from traditional extraction methods may include pigments such as anthocyanin, chlorophyll, tannins, saponins, and lipids from cellulosic materials. We extract only the pure essence of botanical female cannabis resin glands from your dried flowers and plant clippings. Sift undesired plant material, stems and particulates leaving only the desired micron rated trichomes to fall through our high quality monofilament screens. Escape from the world of residue left over from solvent extractions.

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