Advantages of The Original Resinator as a One Does All During Boom Times

An irony is upon us in that the coronavirus pandemic has made cannabis a bigger, more important market in a matter of weeks. Ninety percent of the American population is in a stay-at-home lockdown. Elective surgeries and medical procedures have been postponed, medical therapy needs are increasing, people are getting cabin fever and other psychological challenges, and there is an increase in both alcohol and recreational marijuana usage as means of dealing with the lockdown, or the gut-wrenching anxiety over job loss or furloughs.

The result is a boom in cannabis product sales, from marijuana-based to CBD-oil based.

Many cannabis and hemp product businesses across the U.S. are expanding their production capacity to meet the demand that is covid-19-driven and for next year when it may be concluded (with a vaccine developed), yet the demand is still growing.

The question is: what equipment is going to drive you forward in cannabis or hemp processing? Our team at The Original Resinator have perfected two mid-size machines that perform all the processes you need for getting your product to the ideal kief stage. This includes trimming, trichome collection and separation/extraction with CO2 or ice water, with a very pure high yield output per hour. These are done one process at a time, not all at once, so you’re quickly and with fine control completing one process, then going into the next. One machine (the OG) is the more modest size with a 1.5 pound per trim cycle or 3 pounds for the separation function. The other machine (the XL) handles up to 7 pounds per trim cycle or 15 pounds for the extraction process. Both machines trim 1 pound per minute.

TOR will soon have additional sizes of machines for you to choose from, so you can perfectly match your budget and production goals. And the latest model of the XL was just recently upgraded with better design and functionality.

The advantages of having a machine that both trims and extracts (using CO2 or H2O ice water) are noteworthy for growing businesses. The machines are designed and engineered from the ground up to perform the main processes required to get to the real gold: very pure, rich kief. The speed of output is remarkable. And the quality is superior to other units output. The units are very easy to clean and to switch over from one process to another, even with changing from CO2 to H2O work.

The trimming handles wet or dry, with up to 85% less time used when trimming by hand.

All this translates into very considerable savings of money and time. So, for these boom times, every cannabis or botanical product producer should be quickly and seriously looking at the advantages of The Original Resinator.

To learn more about our cannabis or hemp extraction and trimming machines, please go to our Home page here, and then give us a call to talk over what is the best TOR for you.

TJ Arnovick

Cannabis extraction expert and founder.