Dry Ice Hash vs Bubble Hash – The Big Difference Explained

Dry ice hash and bubble hash are both made using cold temperatures and agitation; however, there are some major differences that are important to understand when choosing an extraction process

How Much Bubble Hash Does 1 Oz of Cannabis Yield?

There are a few factors that affect how much bubble hash you’ll get from one ounce of cannabis. And aside from the yield by total weight, you also need to

How to Dry Bubble Hash for the Best Final Product

After ice water extraction, it’s essential to dry bubble hash thoroughly before pressing rosin, selling it as-is, or using the hash in edibles or topicals. When done properly, you can

How to Press Bubble Hash into Rosin

Pressing bubble hash into rosin isn’t complicated—you put bubble hash in a rosin bag and press it between heated plates until rosin seeps out—but to really harness the potential of

What Is Full-Melt Hash & Why Is It Popular?

Full-melt hash is the caviar of cannabis extracts. Maybe you’ve seen the words “full melt” plastered across hash containers at your local dispensary, or maybe you have customers of your

What Is Live Bubble Hash & Why Is It Popular?

Bubble hash is known for its connoisseur-grade quality, but live bubble hash takes that quality even higher. If you’re serious about producing pure cannabis extracts that blow the competition out

How To Make Premium Hash from Dry Sift

The question how to make hash from dry sift may sound redundant. After all, dry sift is hash. However, most professional extractors distinguish dry sift from the premium full-melt hash that