Cost Effective, Engineering Advantages of a Cryo-Trim® Machine

Trimming your harvest or the crop you bought doesn’t need to be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Our personal experience in trimming includes having to do everything by hand which took far too long and becomes a daily chore, rather than a process that’s fast and works far better than by-hand. That’s part of the reason we developed our first combination trimmer/extractor machine back in 2011, nine years ago.

We took existing engineering and technology applied to cylinder style trimming with the option of CO2 to the next level in 2011. Now, our two sizes of machines have just come out with their latest engineering and performance updates. So, now you have two new models available for purchasing, and our prices are competitive and affordable in today’s marketplace.

Our machines are for commercial needs and residential growers.


Imagine the horsepower of trimming and separating
40-plus pounds per hour in our larger XL machine.

Here’s a list of the advantages to our trimming machines:

  1. Trims cured and uncured flowers.
  2. Leaves are easily turned brittle by micro gas injections, quickly fracturing from the flowers, keeping trichomes intact and preserving the critical botanical essences of the yield.
  3. Terpene profiles are maintained – a critical criteria.
  4. The vitality of the flowers is maintained with no loss, and flowers normalize in minutes.
  5. For most efficient and quality leaf extraction and separation, CO2 flash freeze, when utilized correctly, is the preferred method.
  6. Trims and separates up to 40+ pounds per hour – now that is efficient.
  7. The trimming is through gentle tumbling with no metal blades so there is a minimum bruising of the trichomes and flowers. It is bladeless.
  8. The machine lid also doubles as a sanitary workstation.
  9. Easy to load, clean and reload. Fast turnaround on product trimming and separating.
  10. The ideal environment is maintained for proper separation and trimming, and provides continuous temperature control.
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