How the Cannabis Industry is being Changed by Covid-19

Part of the news that is coming out of the cannabis news magazines is the admonition to the question of: Can cannabis or CBD prevent or cure covid-19?
The answer is at this time: No. Despite rumors and theories making the rounds of social media that cannabis or CBD may work as an preventative or curative, these claims are not true. So, please don’t make assumptions about cannabis as some kind of cure or if you use it, you won’t get covid-19.

There is a team out of a Canadian university that is investigating 13 strains of cannabis sativa (out of 800 they tried) that show promise in inhibiting a protein that is necessary in host tissues that the covid019 establishes itself. But this is in the very early stages of study.

The production of cannabis products is going ahead in this early part of May as cannabis dispensaries have been deemed “essential” in many states. Some states have closed recreational outlets but allow medical use outlets to remain open. In some states there is only curbside and delivery pickup.

What this means is that cannabis product sales are, so far, picking up in the covid-19 era, which means for businesses manufacturing cannabis (or botanical) products or for those who wish to start a new business now – it is a windfall time to being growing or starting out. This is, of course, counter intuitive, as we are in a recession teetering on a depression. But it is turning out that cannabis during a pandemic is so far recession proof.

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