Top Trimmer for Botanicals Used in Food, Cosmetics, Health

In the arena of botanicals derivatives used for health, food and cosmetics businesses, the trimming and separating manicure process is a critical part of the chain toward deriving the highest quality oils, tinctures, essences and concentrates. What we’re talking about here are processes that have been around for thousands of years, as part of the ancient world’s beauty, health, eating and sacerdotal cultures. Ancient Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, China and India all developed, evolved and practiced the arts of essence extractions from herbs, flowering plants, fruits and more. From cuisine to religious liturgies these oils and essences played significant roles in daily culture. These were forms of chemistry. Today, the botanicals essences industry is an advanced science, yet involves the same basic steps harvest, trim and separate steps from ancient and medieval times.

Our TOR trimmer and separator works for all botanicals that have resin glands and can be trimmed in a bladeless, tumble-style process. The TOR is also a powerhouse extractor, so it performs two major processes for your botanicals essences’ business in one machine — one process at a time.

The botanicals that are often trimmed in our machines are: chamomile, comfrey, lavender, mint, hops and basil — among many resin-gland crops that can be trimmed in the TORs.

Our The Original Resinator machines are designed for trimming and separation with bladeless engineering – meaning there is no metal blade that is shoveling through your flower and resin glands. Our method uses gentle tumbling in an open cylinder with the controlled injection of CO2 gas to uniformly flash freeze your biomass, with the flowers tumbling to a high quality nylon mesh screen. The leaf material is separated from the dried flowers, leaving the flowers and resin glands intact along with some touch up to quickly do. Up to over 40 pounds an hour can be trimmed and separated for your botanical extraction process.

The TOR’s design is for easy loading, cleaning, and reloading. All together, with the bladeless gentle tumbling, the efficiency and accuracy of the CO2 flash freeze, the mesh winnowing and other winnowing factors, and easy load and reload for up to 40+ pounds an hour — this is why we call the entire system the Cryo-Trimmer™.

For botanical trimming and extraction, check out our Home page here, and then give us a call to talk over what is the best TOR for you.

The Original Resinator