The Original Resinator like many ideas, was developed out of necessity. The original backyard model was probably a lot like you might picture it. A MacGyver style bucket contraption including duct tape, bungee cord & paperclips. Fashioned with an old BBQ rotisserie motor and some old silk screen left over from grandmas closet so to speak. Keep in mind that this was only after extensive failures of many initial efforts. Capturing the resin glands through means of mechanical separation would prove to require sheer will and determination. Which resulted in lots of sweat, grit and commitment to the tedious process. Like anything worth doing, it took years and lots of money to go through different techniques & designs to find a working prototype. The research & development related to this quest was and is unequivocally a monster undertaking. This task required sacrifice and diligence to a cause we believe in.

Without the passion to advocate for our mission we would have failed before we began. That same passion has carried us through many trials and tribulations. That same passion is the driving force behind everything we have set out to accomplish. We knew that we needed to make this dream a reality. And we knew that we weren’t the only ones who needed a Resinator. If your reading this then you are exactly who we had in mind. You too can relate and have probably asked yourself similar questions relating to your passions around resin extractions. At one time or another you have probably wondered what to do with all your trim clippings left over from all your hard work. Or what your friends were doing with all there leftovers. You inherently found a solution to your problem and pursued your ambitions. Well we did to. And if your anything like us than tossing out all the undesirable clippings was simply not an option. Not only because you recognize the value of the entire plant, but because you also see opportunity where others see hastle. We saw the opportunity to turn that same hastle, into hustle. Waste not want not is our mantra. A lot of love and passion went into your craft and now you want to make the most of what's still remaining. After all, one mans trash is another mans treasure.

We were already using every available means to get the most out of our yields. Literally turning our trash into stash. All day & all night resin production runs trying to maximize our production and minimize our waste. Let's paint a picture of a few experiences from the days of old. We would go about collecting the resin glands through a variety of old school traditional methods. Although effective, these procedures were labor intensive and time consuming. Aware of some commercial methods, we employed various processes to accomplish what we set out to do. And by any means necessary. So we tried them all. Anything it took to get the pure essence of the flower in a concentrated form. To paint a picture, visualize hovering over a large trash can with a large hand held drill. Preferably one with a side handle. Now attach a paddle bit similar to what one would use to stir a 5 gallon bucket of paint, or a bag of concrete after adding water. Now this is is a large and heavy set-up and it requires around 30 minutes of steady mixing. So get a good grip and stand your ground. Keep in mind that the paddle bit can’t touch the bottom or sides of the bag because it will generally tear the screen if it grinds up against it or comes into heavy contact with any portion of the bag. Not only are these mesh bags expensive to replace but if they rip at all then they are worthless. Even when done successfully, the process of draining the water, collecting material and cleaning up the mess is a drag. The reward is always worth the pursuit when done properly, but be ready to get wet and sweat. And that was our best way of achieving wet extractions. Now in many resin applications, the bubble material is not useful. In these circumstances we needed to apply the dry sift method. Imagine standing around the glass kitchen table with a large silk screen cloth, held by 2-4 people. Now carefully and in unison everybody start to shake vigorously. Be careful not to let go or let the material fall off the edge of the screen though, cause it could contaminate all the hard work we just did. One of these times we even shock my wives kidney right into a full blown kidney infection. Needless to say, that was the last time she was gonna help shake the screen like that!

Finding ourselves still in need of dry sift results, we repurposed an old hand crank operated pollinator. Small batch limitations and tireless hand cranking sessions ultimately led to unsatisfactory results based off the amount of volume we were trying to run. We even started adding dry ice to our dry sifting to get better results. With so much material to process and such time intensive commitments, we thought…there had to be a better way. How can we take the manual element out of the equation and make this mechanical? We wanted to do more with less. We set out to create a solution to our problem. It may come as a surprise that the original version of our Resinator was initially designed and developed in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our children, liberty family inspiration and the local drum circles musical influence played a large part in The Original Resinator’s conception.

Life circumstances and dreams alike, ultimately led to our families relocating to NorCal. The research and testing of the prototypes really began in 2008 once we were rooted in California. It wasn’t until 2011 that the original OG model came off the assembly line. This original version was made entirely of acrylic and many of these units are still in operation today. With real results, we decided that a larger model would be the ultimate accomplishment. Before we really engaged into this costly endeavor, it was decided that we should seek out patent protection to determine the viability of the project. After an arduous two year process, coupled with extensive expense, research and development, we were granted our first patent. With a glass of champagne we toasted to our accomplishments. Our celebration however well deserved, was short-lived, because we knew that our work had just begun. It was time to boot strap this idea into a business. Sparing no expense, we set out to be the best. Make no exceptions. If there was one thing that we wanted to be clear, it was that we are “Clearly Better Than The Rest.” The journey is indeed the destination. And our journey has indeed, just begun.