Dreams and fantasies often have a thin line between imagination and reality. Sometimes in our lives journey, we are reminiscent of our dreams. When we pursue our dreams and our passions we find a bigger part of ourselves. That’s just what we did. Some things prove themselves to worth fighting for. Sometimes even more importantly, worth waiting for. The virtue of patience is one we had to embrace in this adventure. Without the support of our families and our friends, this project would still be just that, a project, an idea. We have nurtured our ambitions into a product that we stand behind and are privileged to share. An honor we don’t take lightly. The continuing support of our family, friends, neighbors and community alike are an important part of our lives and our future. In preparing for our future we must always be mindful of our present. Gifts come in many forms, and after all, the present is a gift is it not? We want to share the fruits of our labor. When seeking the pure nector from the source a hummingbird will always go where the resources are rich and plentiful. This is emblematic of our mission statement here at The Original Resinator. People always come before product. We stand behind our people. We stand behind our product. We stand behind our process. Any process requires a system. Our process and system deliver results. With the Resinator project proving itself to be everything we always thought it could be. Our hard work turned up success. Results we couldn’t argue with. (And you won’t either.) Our American dream had become a reality. As big as our dreams are, and continue to be, we all have our limitations. Recognizing our limitations is a strength if you know the right questions to ask? So we ask ourselves a lot of questions. So many questions? My how far we have come since the questions began so many years ago. We remain steady in our pursuit for knowledge. We constantly conduct new experiments seeking new methods and recipes. Research and development are an essential part of our growth. And if you are anything like us, you are GROWING everyday. And we all know that any real growth is accompanied by growing pains. Isn’t life hard enough… full of enough mystery? We aimed to remove the pain from the process… the mystery from the recipes. The industries best kept secrets are not classified information. The available products on the market are not getting the job done. It’s not info and products are impossible to locate. Just complicated, inefficient and hard to access or find in one place. In this day and age everybody seems to have the next best thing. Don’t let the imitators fool you. We are the originators. Our patent protected rotary separation devices set us apart from the rest. Our results speak for themselves. For years we would say, “It’s not when you arrive, but how you arrive.” We have arrived in style, and we are here to stay. Our community roots run deep. Our commitment to our customers is our top priority. As we all adapt with our culture around us, we here at The Original Resinator are committed to making the change with you. We listen to our customers. We look forward to hearing about your experience with our products. If used as intended we are certain that you will love the results. Find out for yourself. Your resinating experience should be one of joy. We give thanks to those before us for the inspiration. Now let us inspire you.

If our lives are all intertwined and luck is the residue of design… then one day at a time, let lives design Resinate even the furthest corners of our minds.