The Original Resinator is the only solvent free extraction product with WET, DRY & FLASH FREEZE capabilities in ONE UNIT. It's Also a bladeless TUMBLING TRIMMER. Cut you TRIM time by 85%. While the custom micron screens are REMOVABLE & WASHABLE there is no need to change out the screen while switching over from a DRY run to a WET run. Simply add ICE & WATER.

· Unique to our product, utilize LIQUID or GAS to aid in the extraction process.

· Dry-ice can also be added to Dry Sieve application for quicker, better results.

· Round and clear operating convenience and removable/washable screen and work station, help to save time and money.

· Tumble your leaves, trim or dried flowers quickly and efficiently.

·No more waste

· Turn your trash into stash

· Hands-free functionality

· Simply load your material into the drum and let the motor do the work

· The XL-Model can process up to 14.5 lbs. or 6500 grams per run

· The OG-Model can process up to 3 lbs. or 1500 grams per run

· Six alternate size screens available for different desired results

· The entire process can take only 15 minutes to 1 hour

Each Resinator purchase comes with a 3 piece set of 200, 100 & 75 micron rated Drum Screens & Resin Collection Bags, a 1/4" mesh Trim Screen, a 6 piece set of Anti-Bacterial Resin Collection Tools, all Plug-n-Play Necessaries for water/gas operation & FREE shipping within the continental U.S.