Cannabis, (hemp) extraction machine for sale for Denver, Las Vegas, Detroit, Boston, Seattle, Olympia, Everett, Eugene, Medford, Ashland, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Boulder, Sonoma, Humboldt County, California, all cities in the U.S. where cannabis, marijuana or hemp products are manufactured. Leading mid-range price cannabis, marijuana, hemp trimming, extracting, and separating machine – affordable and fast, expert delivery to your area. Build your business right from the outset with our two models. Or take your existing business to next level in commercial production. Buy online or call us. Excellent customer support – like we’re right there with you.

Our Original Resinator rotary extractor machine is the top performing equipment for high volume load processing. So, if you’re in the cannabis recreation or medical marijuana business (or other botanicals) our machine is designed to increase your yield while reducing your production time, so you’re business moves into bigger profits. Even for CBD oil production, our machine works with your oil extraction machine to greatly speed up the processing time and quantity. Our machines come in two high volume sizes, and each is backed up with easy to get accessory products – right here on line.

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Best selling resin (rosin) collection bags – 5 gallon bags in 6 different micron ratings. 5 GAL RESIN COLLECTION BAGS

5 Gallon Resin Collection Bags

Resin Collection methods are well developed these days, with a number of techniques that can serve for very small batches. However, even for small batches, but definitely up to large and very large batches you need the highest quality resin (rosin) collection bags. Ours come in six different sizes: 200/150/100/75/50/25 micron rated. 5 gallon Resin Collection Bags can process up to 1lb of material at a time independently, and even more with the help of the Resinator. Collect H20 extraction with precision and ease. Our vinyl side walls are durable and easy to clean. While other extraction bags clog, the extra monofilament on the bottom rim of our bags helps water drain faster when extracted material begins to clump. Our industrial material and design are of superior quality. Best lowest price for very high quality bag. Buy online now. Fast shipping.

Our Price: $65.00

Resinator XL Drum Screens

Our Price: $195.00

Resinator XL Drum Kit
Additional Drum available for large batch processing. Pre-load a second Drum ready for your next batch.

-Assembled drum
-Center Shaft with Coupler

Screen Choices:
Biomass reduction screens: 75 Micron, 100 Micron, 150 Micron (not included with XL Resinator), 200 Micron,
Trim/ Manicure Screens: 1/2" mesh, 1/4" mesh

Our Price: $1,370.00

TOR as the powerhouse pre-extraction pre machine for super c extractors. RESINATOR OG

The Original Resinator OG Model


Speed up your Supercritical C production. You can use this model or the XL model for many cannabis (hemp, marijuana) pre extraction processes to vastly increase your overall output, speed up final production, and thus increase your business customer capacity and profits. Pre extraction is the key to high volume and high quality across many cannabis needs. The TOR is a very powerful pre extractor separator equipment that works in tandem with your SuperC (super c) or Supercritical equipment. Take your loads through our TOR OG and XL machine first, then into your close loop pressure system. Tremendous increase in your volume output. Call us to talk it over.

The OG-Model can process up to 3 lbs. or 1500 grams per run. There are six alternate size screens available for your refined results. The entire process can take as little as 15 minutes. Or up to 1 hour, depending on the quality you’re working to achieve. This OG-Model can do everything you require for your batches (except extract the oil), so it is an extremely versatile workhorse of a machine. Each Resinator purchase comes with a 3 piece set of 200, 100 & 75 micron rated Drum Screens & a 3 piece set of 200, 100 & 75 micron rated Resin Collection Bags, a 1/4" mesh Trim Screen, a 6 piece set of Anti-Bacterial Resin Collection Tools, all Plug-n-Play Necessaries for water/gas operation & FREE shipping within the continental U.S.

Our Price: $5,800.00

Solventless live resin (rosin) extraction – high volume CBD oil output. RESINATOR XL

The Original Resinator XL Model

There are often undesirable compounds associated with traditional extraction methods. These undesirables include pigments such as anthocyanin, chlorophyll, tannins, saponins, and lipids from cellulosic materials. While other machines are busy catching undesired male pollen, our solventless extraction method extracts only the pure essence of female Resin (rosin) glands from your dried material. Sift undesired plant material, stems and particulates leaving only the desired micron rated trichomes to fall through our high quality monofilament screens.

Our solventless resin (rosin) extraction machine gives you higher and better quality CBD oil. Our TOR produces the finest grade resin for your CBD production. With our TOR’s, you don’t have left over residue from solvent extraction methods.

Best solventless extraction machine – speed up your CBD oil processing by 5 times using our TOR unit in tandem with your oil production machine.

Solventless extraction machine collection toward CBD oil extraction - one of the most efficient methods to create a high volume of resin in prep for oil extraction is with two machines working together. One machine, like our solventless TOR XL or OG, doing the pre processing resin extraction work so that your solventless, or hydrocarbon large volume, machines can be kept fed a steady supply of pre-extracted already-concentrated material. Your output speed is five times faster with this pre prep live resin method. This means your volume output is five times greater. Call us to explore how our TOR can speed up your CBD oil production.

Our Price: $8,500.00