Cannabis Products Showing at Big Expo in San Francisco

Among the most important expos in the country featuring cannabis business interests is the Cannabis Business Summit & Expo. Many observers consider this expo as the premiere business-to-business cannabis event

Cannabis Strains – Effective Against Covid-19

A research paper from a team of scientists out of Canada has isolated 13 cannabis sativa strains that they say may aid in preventing and treating covid-19. The Canadian government

Top Trimmer for Botanicals Used in Food, Cosmetics, Health

In the arena of botanicals derivatives used for health, food and cosmetics businesses, the trimming and separating manicure process is a critical part of the chain toward deriving the highest

Cannabis Cultivators Are Looking Hard At the Pandemic’s Future Impact

While sales of cannabis products (from edibles to smokables) are brisk as a response to the pandemic’s stay-at-home or seeking-comfort conditions, the major cannabis cultivators are taking a more serious

How the Cannabis Industry is being Changed by Covid-19

Part of the news that is coming out of the cannabis news magazines is the admonition to the question of: Can cannabis or CBD prevent or cure covid-19?The answer is

An irony is upon us in that the coronavirus pandemic has made cannabis a bigger, more important market in a matter of weeks. Ninety percent of the American population is

Sales and Challenges in Cannabis Growth in States Amidst Pandemic

Across the U.S. there are 33 states that permit the sale and use of marijuana in some form. That is 33 states that pre-covid-19 had legal production, sales and delivery