Buy the Best Dry or Wet Bud Trimmer (Trimming Machine) - Top Workhorse, Affordable For Sale. Bladeless Tumble Trimmer, Dry or Wet, Easy to Use with CO2, or Without the CO2 Option.

Best CO2 bladeless cannabis (marijuana) and hemp trimmer available - our TOR has earned the accolades and trust throughout the the marijuana and hemp post-harvest preparation businesses. Dry bud trimming with liquid CO2 is the fastest, most productive method for cannabis or hemp across smaller to mid-size commercial businesses. If you're going a little bit bigger, this should be very important to you for the production power that is the bedrock of your marijuana, cannabis or hemp business. And our unit potently handles Wet trimming as well. Your choice depending on your needs. Now, that's a powerhouse machine.

Our TOR machines are bladeless (no blades involved in the trimming), and with our proprietary process of momentarily flash freezing the biomass they produce gives you the cleanest manicure in remarkably short times. You can easily see this multiplies your turnover. During this process the frozen biomass is gently tumbled in the horizontally rotating chamber. We also offer this technology as our Cryo-Trim™ branded service to process your cannabis, hemp and hops at either your facility or one of our partners. Our Cryo-Trim™ and subsequent Cryo-Sieve™ process combined in sequence with freeze-drying live bio-mass consummates our Crop-to-Cure™ industry processing solutions.

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Using our bladeless dry bud trimmer you can cut your trimming time down by 85% while keeping the quality of product extremely high. That's a major efficiency factor that translates into bigger profits every month.

Leaf and flower separator – the TOR is extraordinary and very cost effective.

Our customers tell us the TOR marijuana trimmer is the best engineered and user-friendly machine from small & mid-size businesses to large industrial farms & commercial facilities.

As a dry trimmer, we have better production metrics than the Twister Trimmer T2 and T4.