Dry vs. Wet – Cryo-Trim™


When we trim traditionally dried and cured cannabis buds or flowers, the cannabis has already gone through its natural dry-and-cure process. The Cryo-Trim™ process aids to get the exterior of the leaves brittle enough to fracture and fall from the flower after a CO² injection. Therefore there is no adverse effect from injecting liquid CO². We do not shave, shape, or contour the bud. The CO² acts as a freezing agent, matching the rise and fall of the structure of the buds without adversely affecting the quality, trichomes, or Cannabinoids. CO² is hydrophobic (meaning it repels water), which is why a dry trim with CO² does not cause condensation within the center chamber. Coupled with the fact that CO² displaces oxygen, your traditionally dried and cured flowers are ready for a Cryo-Trim™ directly from the drying rack or cure bin. Although cold temperatures are achieved and there may be some residual dry ice (“dry snow”) throughout the biomass, once removed from the Resinator chamber it will normalize to the ambient room temperature of the localized environment in minutes with no negative effects. While other mechanical trimmers will tell you that you need to have an RH% as low as 5-7% to be effective, The Original Resinator can work with buds/flowers at any RH% range. We prefer to work with buds when they are between 10-15% RH. This practice will aid in maximizing throughput and retention of your A and B bud ratios. After a dry trim, all that is left to do is a light cleanup of some remaining crows feet for bag-appeal.

Trim as much as a pound or more per minute! When you load your machine with cannabis flower, you can inject liquid CO² into the chamber and achieve very cold temperatures. This allows the exterior leaves to become brittle enough to fracture off of the flower and fall through the mesh screen without damaging, bruising, or compromising the integrity of the flower. When trimming with CO² we recommend “ice-cream” temperature: between 10°F and 30°F. When prepared properly, we often experience results that exceed our expectations. The better you have bucked and bigleaved your material, the less time is necessary to achieve desired results; only adding to increased processing times and production volume. As a trimmer, the OG model has a 1.5 lb capacity while the XL model has a 7 lb capacity. If you load 5-7 pounds, then you spin for 5-7 minutes. This is a guideline, as not all flowers are created equal. In fact, often only 30 seconds per pound is necessary. This of course is directly related to how well the product has been grown and prepped. Refer to our Operating Guide for suggested run times, speeds, and load sizes. The whole-bodied, high-quality trim that remains after CO² separation is preferred over scissored or bladed trim due to the lack of chlorophyll and plant particulates found through trimmed clippings as a result of utilizing a bladed surface, making for better extracts and pre-rolls. Once you experience the Resinator difference, you will wonder where we have been all your life…! This is a revolutionary new and patented process. The Original Resinator was developed BY growers and processors FOR growers and processors. We know that innovation requires education; we always remain students first. We continually strive to expand our knowledge base through research and development while sharing our craft and love for cannabis with new innovative products and techniques.

When CryoTrimming™️, we inject liquid CO² into our Resinator chamber while gently tumbling material to allow exterior leaves to fall through our 1’4″ mesh screen. We rotate our drum for less than a minute per pound. Micro CO² injections brittle exterior leaves, quickly fracturing from flowers ready to collect for additional processing with a quick swap from our custom mesh trim screens for a subsequent Cryo-Sieve™️ process to one of our micron (µm) rated screens. This process is done with ease and efficiency, preserving structural integrity and botanical essence all while keeping trichomes intact and maintaining terpene profiles. We experience less than 1% total THC and CBD loss when trimming with CO². We have Certificates of Analysis of before-and-after results when using The Original Resinator to trim with CO² on our website.

We get 85+% of the job done with ease and efficiency. Some cultivars come out of the Resinator package-ready. All that is required is to buck down your material before tumbling and a light cleanup after. What typically takes as long as 8 hours of hand trimming to accomplish can now be done with less than an hour scissor-time per pound, including bucking and big-leaving on front end (pre treatment) and light touchup on back end (post-treatment). We say that your material comes out of the Resinator in the same condition it went in, only trimmed…!

We are often asked, doesn’t freezing the buds knock off the trichomes? That is a good question and common misperception. NO IT DOES NOT… We only go to “ice cream” temperatures of 10°F to 30°F when trimming, and that coupled with short run times delivers VERY favorable results. As opposed to when we are doing a kief separation, we are going to sub-zero temperatures as low as -85 °F. We find that trichomes don’t start falling off until we reach temperatures below -5 °F. In fact, we have found that even when dropping to as low as -20°F within the internal chamber of the Resinator that there are no adverse effects or reduction of whole-body trichomes. This is also reflected in our CoA’s. When trimming with liquid CO² we lose no more than the average hand-manicure utilizing scissors, trim trays, and finger hash; which is lost from general processing. We have extensively run hundreds of 5lb tests utilizing the metric system with two independent labs to demonstrate how effective the CryoTrimming™️ with CO² process is. There are CoA’s on our website that demonstrate that we are losing on average .03 to .08% total THC and CBD from raw flower to post-Resinator trim.

Temperature, accompanied with time spun, are the primary contributors to the difference between kiefing (aka biomass reduction) and trimming with CO². For example, when we are kiefing, we go to subzero temperatures as low as -85°F. Whereas when trimming we only go to “ice cream” temperatures, being 10° to 30°F. For trimming 1 pound we only spin for 30 seconds to per minute on average. Whereas when kiefing we will spin from 10 to 30 minutes on average, or up to an hour in some applications, accompanied with sub zero temps. Pending the application and personal preference we modify parameters accordingly.



It’s only when trimming wet uncured/live flowers with The Original Resinator that we need to take into consideration the science that is occurring. By injecting liquid CO² into the Resinator chamber with live biomass we are effectively lowering the temperature below the freeze point of 32°F. When we do this we are rupturing the cellular wall of the plant. In normal dry and cure application, after this has occurred there will be an adverse effect of oxidation and discoloration of your cannabis or hemp flowers. In order to avoid this we need to “maintain the cold chain” once we have dropped below the freeze point. We then must place our frozen and trimmed buds directly into a pre-frozen freeze dryer (in the same way one would preheat an oven) for the lyophilization process, to effectively achieve a Crop-to-Cure™️ result in 24-36 hours. If the freeze dryer was to reach capacity, we could then store the cannabis or hemp in a deep freezer to suspend biomass in its frozen state until it is ready for processing. After pulling out of the freeze drier the biomass is stable and can be stored in a cool, dry, and dark environment. A humidor or moisture pack in a tote, bin, or sealed jar can be used to maintain optimum moisture levels; or just allowing the biomass to acclimate in an oxygen-rich atmosphere with an RH of 60% and ambient room temperature of 70°F will allow the biomass to gradually reach ideal state for handling, testing, packaging, and consumption.


In short, freeze drying (aka lyophilization) is not necessary when Cryo-Trimming™️ traditionally HANG-DRIED cannabis or hemp flowers. Traditional hang-dry or rack dry-and-cure, allowing water to evaporate, is a standard practice; whereas it is essential to utilize a freeze dryer to remove water via sublimation when working with live or uncured cannabis or hemp flowers. This results in LIVE DRIED Crop-to-Cure™️ cannabis in less than 24 hours.

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