Live-dried cannabis has been:

Freshly Harvested, Cryo-Trimmed®, Cold Stored,
then Dried & Cured in a freeze dryer.
Benefits of Live Dried

1 – Retains shape, size, color & flavor

2 – Preserves terpenes and cannabinoids resulting in as much as 3-4% more potency

3 – No loss of volume (zero shrinkage)

4 – No need for lengthy drying and curing time or dedicated dry space

5 – Enables cultivators to take a plant from harvest to market in a fraction of the time

6 – Can be done in variable batch sizes from a single plant to commercial scale

7 – Eliminates development of mold & pest

8 – Creates a true differentiated and genuinely premium product of “live” smokable flower

FRESH FROZEN = The “Live” in Live Dried

When working with Fresh Frozen (live biomass) the plant’s unique metabolic fingerprint is preserved, when done correctly.

With fresh frozen we are no longer limited to

Live Resin (hydrocarbon extraction) or 

Live Bubble (solventless) applications.

Live Dried unlocks an entirely different use case and will create an optimal result in the final product.

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Not Any Freeze Dryer Will Work

Freeze drying cannabis buds has special requirements to properly maximize terpene and cannabinoid preservation.

Programmability throughout multiple stages accompanied with vacuum pressure control and procedural protocols is essential  for optimum results.

Cryo-Trim  + Lyophilization =