Crop-to-Cure™ Freeze Dry Bundle


Trims, Dries, and Cures up to 1 lb (4 lbs wet) of finished flower in 24 hours. Use with Wet, Dry, or Frozen flower.

Crop-to-Cure™ Bundle Includes:

  • OG Resinator (Cryo-Trim™ Multi-Use Machine)
  • Large Harvest Right Scientific Freeze Dryer
  • Oil Free Vacuum Pump
  • Digi-Vac StrataVac Bleed Vacuum Control Bundle
  • S.O.P. / Step by Step Instructions / Recipe ($2000 Value)
  • 2 hr T.E.C Phone Consultation ($1000 Value)




Is your business looking for a surefire way to differentiate itself from the flower competition? We always say when they’re side by side, reach for live dried.

Our unique Crop-to-Cureprocess captures the volatile terpenes that your customers are used to experiencing with live rosin or live resin, but can now enjoy in smokable flower form too. True live freeze dried buds are only possible with an Original Resinator combined with our proprietary procedure by liquid CO2 live trimming fresh frozen material and then freeze drying it for a shelf-ready product in 24 hours. All of the equipment and training your business needs from start to finish is included in this Original Resinator package! 

Save over $4,000 with this exclusive package compared to buying each piece individually.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to see how a Crop-to-Cure™ bundle can revolutionize your business. 

What’s Included

  • 1x Original Resinator OG multifunction Cryo-Trim™, Cryo-Sieve™, and ice water hash washing machine, $6,380 value (or upgrade to an Original Resinator XL for significantly more capacity!)
  • 1x Harvest Right Commercial Scientific freeze dryer with an oil free vacuum pump for seamless freeze drying cycles and minimal maintenance, a $10,500 value.
  • 1x DIGI-VAC StrataVac vacuum bleed control bundle with custom connection hardware to ensure optimal vacuum pressure for terpene preservation and freeze drying consistency for the unique conditions live dried must be freeze dried in, a $3,000 value. 
  • Full SOP and two hours of individualized phone training are also included in the price of the bundle so that you can begin live drying your material the same day you get your delivery, a $3,000 value. 

Each Resinator also comes with the following accessories right out of the box: 3 piece set of 200, 100, and 75 micron drum screens and Bubblebag resin collection bags (set of 4), one ¼” mesh trim screen, 6 piece antibacterial resin collection tools, all plug-and-play fittings for water and liquid CO2 operation, plus a digital scale.  25, 50, 150, and 400 micron screens and ½” trim screens are also available to purchase to take your material refinement to the next level. Please note: liquid CO2 is required for Cryo-Trim™ and Cryo-Sieve™, which is not included. To learn more about liquid CO2, read our blog here.

This bundle can produce over 1lb of live dried flower in 24 hours so that your business can offer a truly exclusive product to dispensaries and customers.


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