Scientific Freeze Dryer – Includes Oil-free Vacuum Pump


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Harvest Right Scientific freeze dryers are perfect for taking your flower from Crop-to-Cure® in 24 hours, and are also excellent for hash makers who want total control over the freeze drying process for bubble hash or live sift. They come standard with a Harvest Right oil-free vacuum pump and can be customized to adjust every aspect of the lyophilization process from beginning to end. 

If you want to do Crop-to-Cure® to produce the best live dried bud, you will need this freeze dryer in conjunction with a Digivac Stratavac bleed controller, both of which are sold in a convenient bundle that’s available here for a turnkey solution.

Product Features

  • Full stainless steel housing construction for easy cleaning 
  • Larger shelves to accommodate whole flowers: the medium Scientific freeze dryer has 4 shelves (7.5″ x 18″), capable of holding about 2 lbs of wet frozen flower resulting in about 1/2 lb of Live Dried flower per cycle. The large Scientific freeze dryer has 5 shelves (9″ x 20.5″), capable of holding about 4 lbs wet frozen flower resulting in 1 lb of Live Dried flower per cycle.
  • Full color touch screen control panel
  • Allows for complete recipe customization so that you can set up your Crop-to-Cure® or ice water hash settings and run them reliably every time
  • Includes Harvest Right’s Oil-Free Vacuum Pump in the purchase price
  • Conveniently sized for any table top – the medium version measures 20″W x 25″D x 30″H and the large size measures 22.5″ W x 25.5″ D x 32.5″ H
  • Connect to and communicate freeze dryer cycle data to a nearby PC through an ethernet cable
  • Scientific freeze dryers require a 110 volt (NEMA 5-20) outlet and a dedicated 20 amp circuit

Please note: The Crop-to-Cure® method requires the addition of a Digivac Stratavac Bleed Vacuum Control valve (sold separately) to mitigate damage to terpenes, caused by the extreme vacuum freeze dryers achieve during normal operation.  Ask about our complete Crop-to-Cure® bundle and our Digivac Stratavac Vacuum Control bundle for details.

Want to make dozens of premium solventless SKUs with ease? Pair your freeze dryer with a Resinator and a rosin press! Contact us for more info on package pricing.

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Scientific FD Size

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