• Rugged all-stainless steel chassis for robust durability.
  • Rotating resonator drum constructed of billet 6061 T6 aluminum for light weight and superior cleanliness.
  • Quick change drum screens for increased yield and productivity.
  • PLC touchscreen controls with programmable settings for your favorite recipes using an onboard timer, co2 dispersant solenoid, temperature control, variable speed settings with super-slow RPM for hand-paddle replication and gentle tumble.
  • Jacketed chamber with glycol ports for chiller addition allowing fresh frozen kief to maintain sub-zero temps without heat transfer or fear of breaking the cold chain when working with “Live” material.
  • Glycol/Chiller application will also let us achieve “Iceless” assist for bubble hash extraction.
  • Dual sight glass ports installed for trichome observation and operational assistance.
  • Removable/stackable chamber liner for fresh frozen applications which will eliminate heat transfer from handling or collecting or kief and isolated trichomes.
  • A removable, hinged lid with state of the art magnetic latches, and updated and improved magnetic drum coupler design for access to removal of interior drum.
  • Co2 exhaust port allowing for Co2 fan attachment to minimize Co2 ppm when working in enclosed spaces.
  • Co2 hose high pressure safety leash, and liquid nitrogen extraction capabilities.
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