Meet the Original Resinator Team

We’re a group of innovators and cannabis industry experts who work every day to solve our customer’s post-harvesting challenges. We’re proud to work with some of the top processors in the market and have collective decades of experience with cultivation, extraction, as well as technical SKU process development. All of our patented processes, including the award winning Crop-to-Cure® method, Cryo-Trim®, and Cryo-Sieve® were developed by our team to help operators make better products more efficiently. We’re based out of Santa Rosa, California and work with clients across the world.

Our Team


TJ Arnovick

Founder & CEO

TJ Arnovick is a founder and CEO of The Original Resinator and Industry Processi Solutions. His pioneering trimming and extraction technology has helped to shape the way the industry processes its biomass. He is a long time industry advocate and cultivator in addition to being an inventor. The first Original Resinator was built in 2011 and has been innovating ever since to help growers and processors make the most of their material in a rapidly evolving industry.

Stephanie Arnovick


Stephanie Arnovick is a co-owner, and Chief Operations Officer for both The Original Resinator and Industry Processing Solutions. Stephanie has been working in event planning and execution since 1999. And in the cannabis industry since 2006. Specializing in key aspects of organization, system design and management, and workflow. Her experience in commercial cannabis operations include planning, processing, and harvest management. Stephanie is known for her inventive ideas, unique administrative techniques, stellar organization, and complex system procurement.

Rustin Porter

Processing Specialist

Rustin Porter is a co-founder and COO of Industry Processing Solutions and is also a partner at The Original Resinator. He has been active in the cannabis industry for 15 years, and has extensive hands-on experience with solventless extraction of all types, including ice water hash, sift, and rosin. He also has experience with closed loop systems and A-Z with distillation. Rustin is an extraction technician and has years of exposure and experience running equipment, training processing teams, developing SOPs, and freeze drying cannabis since 2017.

Wendy Thompson

Operations Lead

Wendy began her professional cannabis industry career in 2009 helping manage a small hydro store in San Francisco. She expanded her skills into the operations and administrative roles gaining experience doing everything from customer support to order fulfillment, purchasing, accounting, and logistics for several industry companies. She began working for The Original Resinator in 2018. Wendy loves the outdoors and passing around a nice bowl or joint of Live Dried with friends.

Kyle O'Campo

Sales Lead

Kyle, a personable Head of Sales with extensive cannabis experience, is committed to empowering clients. His journey spans cultivators, extraction processors, and CBD ingredient manufacturers, focusing on post-harvest solutions. Backed by The Original Resinator team, he excels in innovative techniques, delivering value to clients and chasing his favorite cultivar, Green Crack.

Eric Vlosky

Fractional CMO

Eric has been doing marketing, sales, and account management in the cannabis industry for almost 10 years. He joined the team in early 2022 and serves as the marketing and sales strategy lead at The Original Resinator as well as its sister company, Industry Processing Solutions. Eric is a huge fan of solventless extracts and top quality, fruit-forward flower strains that bring the sweetness.
The Original Resonator at the Emerald Cup Awards in 2023

Award Winning Results

Our team took home 1st place at 2023’s Emerald Cup for Innovative Product: Consumable in collaboration with Compound Genetics and Node Labs. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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