Valentines Day – Falling in Love with Your Dry Bud Trimmer

It’s Valentines Day, and there couldn’t be a better time to give a Valentines sweetheart shout-out to the TOR Cryo-Trimmer™, the dry or wet bud trim machine you’re going to fall in love with. If you have investors, they’re going to love this machine too, as it directly contributes to bottom line profits.

As we discussed in our last two blogs, the TOR Cryo-Trimmer™ is the outcome of a thoughtful evolution in engineering of the machines that do the trimming (or separating) for you of the cannabis or hemp harvest. This is an evolution that’s been taking place from 1997 to 2020.

Our intention since we came out with our first The Original Resinator machines in 2011 is to produce the most efficient, best engineered drum-tumble style trimmer that works with (or without) CO2 on dry or web flowers – and does this as fast as possible and as reliably as possible day after day when harvested material is available.

Our current Cryo-Trimmer™ comes in two sizes: the OG model has a 1.5 lb. capacity and the larger XL model has a 7 lb capacity. The start-to-finish time for doing 5-7 pounds of bucked material is 5-7 minutes, or a pound a minute—with allowances made for the nature of the flowers as not all flowers process in the same amount of time. You can quickly see that the output for a few hours or days work is enormous. And the CO2 dry trimming with the Cryo-Trimmer™ does not require any change of your standard drying and curing processes. The natural “dry” process inherently permits the flower’s water molecules to cure organically so the flowers you are working with are the natural way you expect for going into extraction.

With the TOR OG or XL models, the only work required for the trimming is the “bucking” of the plants in prepping the flowers and leaves to go into the Cryo-Trimming™ and the quick clean-up of the material left over after the trimming, which has fallen down to the bottom plate of the OG or XL, and is scooped out in a matter of seconds.

The final amazing positive of these two sizes of TOR machines is that they are also “extractors” and we’ll talk about that in our next blog.

For bud trimming and extraction, check out our Home page here, and then give us a call to talk over what is the best TOR for you.

TJ Arnovick

Cannabis extraction expert and founder.