What is the difference between the OG and the XL model? They are identical in function. The only difference in our two models comes down to capacity. What is the capacity of the Resinator? The OG has a 3 lb. capacity while the XL has a 14.5 lb. capacity when extracting with CO2. Now keep in mind, that is when using sugarleaf, as opposed to big fans and water leaves. If you were to use dry ice for example, you would have to make room for the ice so the capacity of biomass would decrease accordingly. When using your Resinator in a H2O application or as a trimmer, the recommended amount is half that of our max capacity. How does Co2 work to trim? When you load your machine with flower, you can add liquid Co2 into the chamber and achieve very cold temperatures. This allows the exterior leaves to become brittle, fracture off of the flower and fall through the mesh screen without damaging, bruising or compromising the integrity of the flower. When trimming with CO2 we recommend “ice-cream” temperature. That’s between 10°F and 30°F. When prepared properly, you can trim a pound a minute. What do you mean by multi-use? The Resinator machines are the only one of their kind to have a trim feature, an extraction feature as well as a water-bubble wash feature all with one machine. Switch out different parts or accessories to utilize the different options. This allows us to instantly freeze, fracture & extract trichomes and resin glands from cured and uncured flowers and plant material. We achieve 20-40% returns in as little as 2-10 minutes. Each Resinator purchase includes everything that you need to do all three functions. That’s what we mean by wet, dry, flash freeze all-in-one. What temperature is needed to achieve resin extraction from flowers or trim? Sub zero temperatures (temperatures below zero) are preferred when making any extraction. When we add liquid CO2 into our center chamber which lets us reduce temperatures to below -65° Fahrenheit. Refer to our extraction guide for exact temperatures and run times. What is live resin extraction? CBD and THC-A levels are at their highest in their live or uncured state. Sub-critical extraction allows you to work with live or uncured plant matter in multiple applications including Live resin, live rosin, live ice wax, and live trimming. Live resin is simply a term meaning uncured or raw. What do I do with my “trim” when I am done using the trim feature? Once you are finished using the trim feature with the Resinator you can change your screen from the mesh trim screen to any one of the extraction (micron rated) screens. Add your trim to the chamber and follow the extraction guide recommendations for suggested run times, speeds and load sizes. Please note: TOR owners should change to the extraction screen and start extracting only if they have any needed permits or licenses for such activity. Why does my machine/motor keep turning off? The motor has a safety feature that stops the motor and requires a reset (unplugging, allowing to reset and plugging back in) in order to resume operation. To keep this from happening make sure that the drum comes to a complete stop before switching from forward to reverse, or vice-versa. What micron sized drum screens come with a machine purchase? The kits are prepackaged with a 1/4” mesh trim screen and one each of the 200?m,100?m, and 75?m screens. Each Resinator purchase also includes a set of resin collection bags in 200,100, and 75um. We offer 25?m, 50?m, and 150?m drum screens and Resin Collection bags for purchase on our website. Is there a warranty? We offer a 1 yr limited factory warranty. We stand behind our products, so if you experience any issues please call us. We are here to help. Please be sure to register your product with us or go to “Product Registration” on our website to have the best warranty options available to you. When using Co2 for trimming do you lose any of the THC or CBD profile? We experience less than 1% total THC & CBD loss when trimming with CO2. That is better than most hand trimmers. We have Certificates of Analysis on our website. We are always updating with additional data. Can we wash screens with alcohol? Will the material crack? Yes, you can wash with alcohol. 99% and 70% are both effective with no cracking or damage. We also have customers using ethanol with great results. We recommend a rinse in/with water and H2O2 afterward. But as with any screen or filter, eventually over use and time they will need to be replaced. How much can we do with the same CO2 tank with OG version compared to XL? It would seem like you might use less CO2 with our smaller OG model, but you have to quantify the capacity you are running with an XL to see that CO2 use is more efficient with the XL unit. When running the OG you only need to use half as much CO2, however when running the XL you could run five times as much material. So for example with the OG model you would get approximately three runs with the OG using a 50 pound tank where as you will get two runs using the XL. But you would only get to run approximately 9 pounds of material in the OG where as you would get to run almost 30 pounds with the XL in that equation. Refer to CO2 Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information. When we do the CO2 extracts, how long do we need to rotate? Pending the application we spin for a variety of time frames. Our Extraction with CO2 video, for example, we ran for 60 mins because we were demonstrating a quantity extraction. This is popular among distillate applications because the color is pulled out through SPD and fractional distillation techniques. When rosin or live resin is the application for example, we may only spin for 5 -10 mins. How do you keep the temperature in the chamber so low? By adding liquid CO2 not only are we reducing the temp to as low as -65°F, which is considered a subcritical extraction, the oxygen has been displaced. With the oxygen displaced, which typically takes 20-25 lbs of co2 or roughly 1/2 of a standard 50lb tank (with a siphon tube), it generally takes about an hour for the XL unit to normalize in temp. Less CO2 means that the Resinator temperature will normalize faster. Do we need to open CO2 tank or add a lot more CO2 during the process? No. Only when not fully flash freezing to the subcritical temp zone will more co2 be required. Which ultimately would require the same amount of co2 anyway so we just add up front. If more CO2 is required to maintain desired temperature range, all that is necessary is a microburst -or 5 second shot- of CO2 in small intervals. What was your initial pressure in PSI in your CO2 tank? Co2 unregulated comes out of the tank at about 800 psi. You could manually regulate with a 1/4 turn for example but that is not necessary. We don’t have a closed loop system so the pressure in Resinator chamber does not build to any point where it is of concern. Note that temperature is paramount to pressure, so as long as liquid co2 is adding it is adequate. What’s maintenance is required with this machine? The only regular maintenance would be cleaning your equipment and occasionally replacing your screens as with any filter or screen. If the need for maintenance should arise, all parts are easily removable and replaceable.

What are the effects of liquid Co2 on my biomass? Because of several desirable characteristics of carbon dioxide in gas, solid, liquid, and supercritical states such as inertness, non-explosiveness, non-corrosiveness, high volatility, cooling ability, and low-cost, carbon dioxide is being used in a variety of applications in food and processing industries. Applications of carbon dioxide in the food industry include: preserving fruits, vegetables, meats, food grains, and liquid foods; inactivating microorganisms; and extracting oils, flavors, colors, and chemicals. Please refer to this scientific article about the safety of Co2 and the multitude of uses in the agricultural and food industries. Applications of Carbon Dioxide in Food and Processing Industries What kind of tank is needed to operate this device? A high-pressure Carbon Dioxide Co2 Siphon tube tank is required. Also known as a “Co2 Siphon Tank” or “Dip Tube Tank”. The Siphon tank has a tube that runs down the center to dispense the liquid Co2. When placing your Co2 tank order with your local supplier, make sure you ask for a Siphon tank. A standard Co2 tank with NO Siphon tube will not work. Most standard Siphon tanks come in sizes of 25 or 50 pounds. (Note: Dewar tanks have a much larger capacity and are a great solution for large batch operations.) Please see additional data on dewars here. Where can I buy or rent the Co2 Siphon Tanks? Normally Co2 tanks are not purchased. They can be rented by the day or week, etc. You can still purchase tanks and get them refilled at any local welding supply shop or gas supplier but due to the weight and maintenance, we always recommend that you rent the tanks. Rented tanks with siphon tubes often are painted red on the top of the tank. You can also have the local Co2 supplier deliver to your venue or event. (Note: When contacting your Co2 supplier, always inquire on newer or currently refurbished tanks. However not common, this will help the quality of your Co2 effect and can eliminate blockage due to debris and dirt inside the tank.) How long will the Co2 tanks last? This can vary due to following different factors: The length of the hose, the length of your blast and the tank’s size. Ambient temperature conditions of your environment, your Resinator itself along with the amount of material loaded also play a role. Example 1 – With the standard high pressure hose included at 30 seconds per blast and a 50lb Co2 Siphon tank, you can expect an estimated 6 minutes of effect and approximately (12) 30 second shots. Example 2 – With the standard high pressure hose included at 30 seconds per blast and a 25lb Co2 Siphon tank, you can expect an estimated 3 minutes of effect and approximately (6) 30 second shots. These are guidelines on average experience. Keep in mind that roughly 10% of the gas remaining in a spent tank will not come out in liquid form. When you can no longer see the gas entering the chamber it is a good indication that there is no longer liquid co2 left to dispense. What tools do I need to operate and use a Co2 tank? You will need (1) adjustable wrench or crescent wrench t connect the hose to the Co2 tank. (1) Tie down strap is needed to secure the Co2 tank to any solid or supported structure. Always keep on hand extra nylon washers that go between your Co2 hoses and tank. How do I know how much Co2 liquid is in a tank? Currently, there’s no easy way to gauge or monitor the amount of liquid in a Co2 tank. Although, by using a scale and some math, you can determine the amount of true liquid per tank when you receive it. Example – On a 50lb Co2 Siphon Tank order Co2 Tank Weight (steel): 135lb estimated (This should be printed on your Co2 Tank labeled as “TW”) Co2 Liquid Weight: 50lb Total Weight: 185lb If you order a 50lbs Co2 tank and it weighs less than the total weight of the 50lb Co2 liquid and the weight of the tank, you should contact your supplier immediately to advise them that you did not receive the correct amount of Co2 Liquid.   Can I use more than one Resinator unit on a Co2 tank? The simple answer is yes! This would require special or customized fittings to split the Co2 line. Our Co2 units use pressure, also known as PSI, which is built up inside the tank allowing the Co2 liquid to disperse, creating a large plume of smoke. The more units per tank, the quicker Co2 in dispensed – the faster your tank will drain. Can the Co2 hose be disconnected from the Co2 tank while in use? No, never try to disconnect the Co2 hose from the Co2 tank while there is pressure in the Co2 line, or if the valve is open on the Co2 tank. (Note: The Resinator Co2 coil comes with a Quick Connect System which will not allow Co2 out once disconnected from the quick release coupler.) Why won’t my Co2 hose disconnect from my Quick coupler plug? This may occur in the instance that your Co2 plug fitting is frozen from heavy use, creating an ice block and not allowing the Co2 hose Quick Connect to detach from your drum unit. Just allow the temperature to normalize and then detach when thawed. If you simply can’t wait then a small pair of channel locks can always come in handy to aid in detaching your coil. What to do if my Co2 Hose was not connected properly before turning on gas? Never open your Co2 tank valve until your Co2 hose is firmly connected to your Resinator drum. If your Co2 hose was not attached correctly, the coil end will fly about wildly! In this circumstance you must get out of the way and or release the pressure by immediately turning off the tank valve. Always take care to securely attach the coil to the quick connect port of your Resinator drum before turning gas valve to the on position. Tighten the brass nut connected to the Co2 tank by using your adjustable wrench or crest wrench. What size hose length will give me the best result? The length of the Co2 hose does not matter; if a hose is 15ft or 100ft, the pressure from the tank is always the same. Example – If you have a Co2 tank using a 25ft hose and another Co2 tank using a 50ft hose, the pressure from the Co2 tank from the Resinator will be the same. (Note: The longer the Co2 hose affects the length of time it takes to prime the hose. Once all the hoses are primed, the pressure is then built between the tank and the unit. Of course, the longer the Co2 hose, the quicker the tank will empty as it takes more Co2 liquid to prime the line.) What if standard coil hose included is not long enough? We understand that sometimes our standard coil hose is just not enough. Extension hoses that attach easily to your quick coupler connection can be obtained generally through the same supplier used to refill your Co2 tanks. Local suppliers can assist in many of the Co2 connectors, couplers and 3-Way Systems you need to create the perfect set up for your situation. Still not sure what best suits your set up? Contact our representatives who can assist you with answering additional questions. info@theoriginalresinator.com Are there dangers associated with Co2 use? Co2 extraction is one of the fastest growing sectors on the market right now due to how safe it can be and the applications it can be used in. But, like any pressurized system, there are dangers involved if the product is used incorrectly. **ALWAYS MONITOR CO2 LEVELS WHEN USING CO2 INDOORS. PLEASE REFER TO OUR SAFETY GUIDE FOR MORE INFORMATION**

  • Never point a Co2 nozzle directly towards someone’s face or body less than 10ft away. This is a very cold gas and can hurt someone if it comes in contact with skin for long periods of time.
  • Never leave your Co2 tanks open and lines primed for extended periods of time if unit is not in use.
  • Always drain your lines at the end of use to release pressure in the hose.
  • Always secure Co2 tanks to prevent tanks from falling over.
  • When Co2 hoses are not attached to tanks, always seal the tanks with the metal caps provided when you rent or purchase tanks.
  • Use approved cylinder carts or heavy-duty hand trucks to transport your Co2 tanks.
  • When transporting Co2 tanks, ALWAYS make sure they are secure and strapped so they cannot move.

1. What is the maximum loan amount I can apply for and is there a minimum amount? A. Maximum amount we finance is $20,000.00. However, we do have a third party lender who works closely with us should you need more than that amount. We require at least a minimum of $1,000.00.

2. Do you pull a traditional credit report? A. We actually have you work directly with Experian who will assist in pulling your credit report for your review, at which time you will then share with us. By doing it this way, your credit information remain secure within the Experian server and not shared over the internet.

3. Is there a charge to pull my credit report? A. We do not charge you. Experian does have a $14.95 charge you will pay directly to them.

4. Do I need “Perfect” credit to participate in this program? A. Although your past credit performance is important and will be considered, TOR understands we all have challenges and will work with our customers to assist them even when their credit is less than “perfect”.

5. What type of down payment is needed? A. All deals normally require a 30% down payment of the sales price.

6. What interest rate should I expect? A. This is an interest free deal. There is an initial finance fee which is due at time of down payment.

7. How long will I have to pay back the loan? A. Our initial term will be for six (6) months. The term can be adjusted on a case by case basis and should be discussed with your sales representative.

8. Am I ever required to put down more than 30% A. No. However, depending on the strength of your credit, co-signers, personal guarantees, additional UCC filings, etc., may be required.

9. Can I make my down payment using my credit card? A. No, unfortunately down payments must be made as wire transfer, cashiers check, money orders, etc.

10. What personal information will I be required to provide: A. Upon initial application (completed online) you will be asked various questions regarding your residence, employment, assets, licensing/compliance needs, etc. Based on the information provided, the underwriter may ask for additional information.

11. After you receive my application, how soon can I expect an answer? A. Typically, we will acknowledge receipt of your application within 24 hours or sooner, make the initial review and provide initial response within 3-4 days of application or sooner.

12. How are payments made? A. You can use our secure click and pay invoices to pay with a debit card or secure wire transfer. Traditional wire transfers, money orders, and cashiers checks are also accepted.

13. Can I make additional payments on my loan? A. Yes.

14. If I pay off my loan early will I be charged an early payoff fee? A. No.

15. If I need to extend my loan term for any reason, do you have additional fees? A. Yes. There will be an additional finance fee for the extension based on the amount of the initial finance fee and the length of the extension.

16. What collateral will I be required to provide, other than the machine I am purchasing? A. Normally no other collateral will be required depending on the history of your credit profile. If additional collateral is required we will notify you of that fact.

17. Do I have to provide evidence of required cannabis license and compliance needs? A. Although we do not ask for actual copy of required license and compliance documents, we do require you certify that you have met all state and local cannabis production/distribution requirements.

18. My business is relatively new and is a “start up” business. Does this present a problem? A. Yes and No. Yes, we need to be aware of your start up position. No, being a startup is not a problem. Just because you are new does not mean you are unworthy of credit. It simply means we need to take a closer look at your balance sheet and current P&L statements. Our goal is not to challenge your decisions or needs, rather to ensure we are in a good risk position.

19. If I need additional machines financed later, and in doing so I will stay below your maximum amount, do I need to go through the whole approval process again? A. No. We will simply review your account.

20. What if I move to a new address, am I required to notify The Original Resinator? A. Yes. If you move your residence, your business address, or if you change business, you must notify us 10 days prior to that move so we can update of records.

21. What type of technical assistance can I expect? A. You will be entitled to the exact same superb technical assistance and customer service as our cash-n-carry customer.

22. Once approved, how long does it take to ship me my machine? A. Normally, once the loan is approved and down payment/finance fees received we will ship the machine within 1-2 business days. If there is a delay, you will be notified of any expected delay before finalization of your loan.

Ways to Apply:

Call: 877-RESINATOR (737-4628) -OR- Email: info@theoriginalresinator.com

The information contained in this document is the property of The Original Resinator, LLC and is proprietary and/or copyright material. This information and this document may not be used without the express authorization of The Original Resinator. Any unauthorized use or disclosure may be unlawful.