H2O Extraction (Ice-Water)

With The Original Resinator

A clean, rich concentrate has so many fantastic benefits. It’s almost impossible to explain them all in words! And words are a problem when you’re talking about the cleanest type of naturally-made extractions, because there are so many different phrases used to describe the same thing.

People can’t agree on whether to call it bubble, ice-resin, ice-water resin, full melt, water-extracted resin, ice resin, cold water extraction resin, or whatever comes to mind.

Pure water extracted resin has all of the benefits of a concentrate and it doesn’t contain solvents or other chemicals that you may find in butane, isopropyl and other forms of solvent-made concentrates.

Bubble Hash is resin made by placing dried flowers and plant clippings in iced water and “washing” the material to gather high potency resin glands for use as a concentrate.

Ice Water Extraction

Bubble While You Tumble!

When you isolate resin glands from other material plants produce, you get the purest dose of high quality resin that can be derived without using solvent-assisted extraction.

When you use iced water to make bubble hash, you’re using temperature, stirring, and wet sifting to isolate the resin glands. There’s no butane, C02, or alcohol solvents to worry about…and no explosions either.

Most people who’ve heard of water-made ice-resin are familiar with resin bags and bubble.

Long ago a bubble-making methodology was popularized involving micron bags that have different micron sizes of screens.

The bubble production process involves putting plant material in a “work bag” along with plenty of ice, then stirring and settling the mixture for a period of time.

After that, you’re gently squeezing the mixture through a screen built into the working bag so a slurry of ice water and resin glands travel through the screen and into a stacked set of other bags that have different sized, progressively smaller screens.

After you’ve squeezed all the water and resin glands from the working bag, you discard the plant material in it, although some resin makers will rewash or rescreen that material to get as much out of it as they can.

Then you work through each remaining bag or screen size, squeezing, or in our case tumbling, and the water-resin slurries out so it goes into the bags from out of our Resinator Chamber.

Depending on the type of material you’re working with and the type of materials you used, each screen size will have varying amounts of resin glands on its screen after you have squeezed the water out of the bag.

This happens because resin glands come in different sizes. Some glands will make it through bags with 150, 100, or 75 micron screen pore size, others will not.

Most resin connoisseurs believe that resin glands that gather on the bottom of the smaller pore size bags 75, 50 and 25 microns are the highest quality resin glands.

Try for yourself to determine your favorite.

In reality, the types and sizes of resin glands you collect depends on the material and genetics you’re producing, and on the material you’ve chosen to use.

For example, if you use all plant clippings as your starter material, the resin gland ratios and sizes, and the potency of your material, will be different than if you use all premium flowers as your starter material.

Every batch you make will be slightly different.

There are several resin-making branded bags and products in the marketplace, and you could make good resin concentrates from all of them.

Every resin bag manufacturer has a slightly different approach to where, how and with what materials they manufacture their screens.

But why should you even go through the work of making water-extracted resin?

One main benefit is ice-resin is it’s a concentrated, pure resin product that includes very little plant material. If smoked, for example, you aren’t inhaling smoke. It’s more like a vapor, which is nicer for your lungs.

Not only that, but by utilizing a resin-derived material composed of only resin glands, you get a stronger dose, with far less of the combustion byproducts you get when smoking whole flowers.

You find that the beneficial effects you get from concentrates are more stimulating and game-changing than the effects you get from smoking whole flowers.

For farmers, making ice-resin is a way to get value from leaves and inferior flowers that would otherwise be discarded.

You’d be surprised how many resin glands are on leaves that get manicured off and thrown away. Water extraction is a way of getting more usable product from every harvest.

As an added benefit, water-washing removes contaminants and other materials that can affect your health. Because of this washing effect, ice-resin doesn’t have much, if any, taste or smell.

Resin is compact and concentrated, and doesn’t look like bulk flowers. This is a huge benefit when you’re traveling, and need to carry small amounts.

Ice Water extraction takes a couple of hours, some preparation, ice made from pure water, and multiple steps.

And after you’ve done the bag work and gathered resin glands from each size micron screen they’ve accumulated on, you have several grades of ice-resin.

The glands and other material caught by the larger screen sizes (200 and 150 micron sizes for example) aren’t usually considered premium resin; this stuff is often thrown away

The remaining resin glands are carefully removed from each screen smaller than 150, water is pressed out of them, and then the materials are left to dry.

The process takes practice before you get it just right, but it’s fun, and the end product is amazingly potent and desirable.

When you get pure, well-made ice-resin, it gives you a different feeling than whole flowers.

Effects are more immediate, acute and uplifting. Your lungs aren’t choked as much. You have less burn-out. Effects lasts longer.

If you love resin and other extracts and want to get the most direct, concentrated and healthful dose of them, ice-resin is a joy.

This is a post-harvest activity you can really enjoy. Once you start using bubble, you are likely to never go back.

Article Credit: http://bigbudsmag.com/making-bubblehash-br-concentrated-thc-rich-marijuana-concentrate/ -By Steve Davis

*This article has been modified from its original source.