Cryo-Sieve® Screen Kit C – Canna



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Our “Canna” screen kit contains three Resinator drum screens: 25 micron (blue band), 50 micron (white band) and 150 micron (red band).  The 25 and 50 micron screens are ideal for separating the finest “blonde” kief for applications such as TCH-A, high grade rosin, and caviar or fuzzy pre-rolls.  The 150 micron is the perfect “in-between” size to produce kief or hash that still has a nice golden hue without sacrificing as much volume as the smaller micron screens.  This grade is used for a wide variety of applications such as live resin, sauce, isolates, distillates, RSO and more.  You may say this is our “Cannaisseur” screen kit.

All Resinator Drum Screens are made of the finest mono-filamentous material, lined with EPDM Food Grade rubber sheeting, and triple stitched securely with bonded nylon thread. They are tailored to fit tight on the Resinator drum and hold closed tightly with a YKK zipper and support at each end of the drum. When properly cared for they are extremely resilient and do not open or leak during operation.

*Remember to regularly clean your screens with Isopropyl Alcohol (ISO) and rinse well with water to maintain a good secure fit.  After loading, zip the center so both ends of the vertical zipper sit above the flap sewn where the vertical and horizontal zippers meet.  This reduces the amount of resin the pulleys are exposed to.  After the run, quickly swipe along the zippers with ISO before unzipping to remove excess ice and resin from zipper teeth.  This will speed up batch changes and keep your zippers running smoothly.  Store screens indoors, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

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