The Original Resinator OG Base Models – Trim, Sift, or Wash



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Introducing the brand new Original Resinator Base OG models! We listened to your feedback and now are launching the most affordable version of our Resinator classic bundles that come with just the screen and accessories you need for each post-harvest function. Now you can get the world’s best and most affordable cannabis trimmer in trim, sift, and wash editions so you get everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Best of all, if you want to upgrade your Base OG machine’s functionality, we have low priced add-on packages to perform any of the other post-harvest processing that you need to do. If you want the entire package, consider the OG Classic bundle instead.

Base Model Package Features:

  • Each process (trim, sift, or wash) works well with dry or wet buds: wash or trim up to about 1.5 lbs dry or 4 lbs wet per cycle, or sift 3 lbs dry up to 10 lbs wet biomass per cycle
  • The OG Cryo-Trim® Base model kit includes everything you need to start trimming immediately : 1/4″ mesh trim screen, thermometer, stopwatch, CO2 Hose with fittings, food grade leaf collection tool and brush
  • The OG Cryo-Sieve® Base model kit includes everything you need to get started: Durable food grade 200 Micron screen, 3 pack food grade agitation balls, thermometer, stopwatch, CO2 Hose with fittings, kief scraper and brush
  • The OG Ice Water Wash base model kit includes everything you need (except ice water) to get started: Durable food grade 200 micron drum screen, thermometer, stopwatch, and a high-flow drain kit with shutoff valve.
  • All parts are easy to remove, clean, and replace in this affordable cannabis trimmer model
  • Quiet, efficient motor runs on standard US 115V power and uses less than 1.5 Amps
  • Made in the USA
  • All Original Resinator Base Model and Classic Bundle machines are backed by our industry leading 2 year warranty and Buyback Guarantee program
  • Full specifications and features flyer can be viewed here

OG Base Model Daily Throughputs

  • Cryo-Trim®: 144 dry lb\day 432 wet lb\day
  • Cryo-Sieve®: 144 dry lb\day 432 wet lb\day
  • Ice Water Hash Washing: 48 dry lb\day 144 wet lb\day

We also offer freeze dryers, rosin presses, custom stainless steel processing tables, and all kinds of other accessories for maximum efficiency at affordable price points. Contact us today to speak to a professional and refine your process based on your specific production needs!

Notes: CO2 tanks and gas sold separately and is required for true Cryo-Trim® and Cryo-Sieve® functionalities (wet or dry). Wet trim is only recommended for pre-frozen wet buds or when immediately freezing buds for Live-Dried flower production which requires a Freeze Dryer.  Inquire about our Crop-to-Cure® method to produce the best, Emerald-Cup-winning Live-Dried buds.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 19 × 24 in
Base Model Type

Cryo-Trim®, Cryo-Sieve®, Ice Water Wash