Normally, I 100% shy away from trim machines and, even more-so, from tumble trimmers. I tend to prefer hand trimmed flower handled by actual people. However, after our first round trimming with the Resinator alongside hand trimmers, I can honestly say that my GM was unable to distinguish the hand trimmed flower from that trimmed by the machine (Resinator XL). When asked to guess which kola came from hand trimming vs. machine, our GM thought the machine trimmed kola was actually the hand trimmed kola. That, in my opinion, was the true test and The Resinator passed. From a compliance perspective, I also prefer this bladeless machine over a bladed trimmer. In our experience, bladed units can and have contaminated the flower and trim with blade oil. With The Resinator, I don’t have that worry and know that my processing partner can rest easy putting my material in their extractor.


Resinator XL Owner
Excellent Products and Parts. Needed a few replacement parts for my Resinator XL. Ordered exactly what I needed from the online store and everything arrived in a timely manner.
Justin Freeman
McAlester, OK
A truly revolutionary machine. Does everything it claims to do and then some…with ease! Make sure you tell the air supplier that you need syphon tubes in your CO2 bottle. Easy clean set up and clean up. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.
Gabriel Hatchett
OG Resinator Customer
One of a kind. This tool does what they say and a little more. How often do you find a product or tool that actually works and this one does.
Resinator OG Owner
This trimmer gives the best results I’ve seen yet in any trimmer. At least 3/4 of the product required almost no hand finish work . Less time on finish work and less loss of product. This machine will pay for itself in one season on those merits alone.
Sue Evans
Grants Pass, OR
The Resinator XL is definitely the best machine on the market. Having a trimmer and an extractor in one Machine is awesome. Major time and money saver. Get one.
Anonymous – Willits, CA
Resinator XL Customer
First of all let me tell you that the level of customer service that this company offers their clientele is second to none. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product and company to anyone in the world.
Ryan Sitter
Resinator OG Customer
New level of trimming and extraction. Simplifies work, reduces time and with an excellent quality results, the best investment.
J C Simo – Rome, Italy
Verified Purchaser
Life Saver. This particular piece of equipment saves you so much time and man power. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Angelo Celestine
Aurora, CO

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