Our Resinator is the only ALL-IN-ONE solvent free extraction product with WET, DRY & FLASH FREEZE capabilities. Make kief, make bubble, or trim flowers all with the help of liquid CO2. Our custom micron screens are REMOVABLE, WASHABLE, & REPLACEABLE. Everything you need is included in each Resinator purchase.

The Future of Botanical Extraction is Here



Cryo-Trim® with CO₂

Trim up to 1lb per minute with ease and efficiency.
This multi-functional, blade-less tumble trimmer is ideal for commercial & residential growers who want to trim with maximum efficiency and minimum waste. Flash freeze assisted tumble leaf extraction does 85+% of your trimming. The high quality nylon mesh screen gently cradles the flowers as they tumble, while CO2 gets the exterior leaves just brittle enough to fracture and fall from the flower leaving only touch up (crows feet) left, while trichomes and flowers are preserved. Trims up 40+ pounds per hour, manicuring 5-7 pound loads per 5·7 minute cycle!

Trichome Collection

CO₂ / FLASH FREEZE for Biomass Reduction;
collect kief from cured/uncured biomass.
Sub-Zero separation allows us to reduce biomass into a concentrated form of pure resin glands allows for as much as 80% faster processing & recovery times in multiple applications. Pure resin glands (Kief) are preferred when making ANY extraction. Our sub-zero extraction capabilities allow us to extract trichomes from dried plant material as well as LIVE/UNCURED plant matter in “LIVE” applications. This includes Rosin, Distillate, Closed Loop, BHO, Sauce, Diamonds & Full Melt Bubble to name a few. No matter the application the Resinator is here to help you achieve your goals.

H₂0 Extraction

BUBBLE WHILE YOU TUMBLE by adding water & ice.
Pure water extracted resin has all of the benefits of a concentrate and it doesn’t contain solvents or other chemicals that you may find in butane, isopropyl and other forms of solvent-made concentrates. Ice water extraction is resin made by placing live or dried flower and plant clippings in iced water and “washing” or in our case “tumbling” the material to gather high potency resin glands for use as a concentrate. The use of CO2 allows us to work with live material for “live bubble” & “live resin” applications.