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Make the highest price per gram concentrates on the market with ease using this turnkey solventless live rosin Original Resinator equipment package. This bundle comes with everything you need out of the box to Cryo-Sieve® (live sift), primo quality live ice water hash, and live rosin.

What’s unique about this package is that the included Original Resinator OG or XL is a multifunction machine so that your lab can make multiple SKUs without having to have a bunch of extra equipment taking up space. When paired with an industry leading automated PurePressure rosin press, any type of rosin can be made very efficiently and for only a modest investment. Making live solventless concentrates has never been easier, and no other equipment bundle enables operators to make true live sift.

Save over $1,500 with this exclusive package compared to buying each piece individually.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to see how a Live Solventless bundle can revolutionize your business. 


What’s Included

  • 1x Original Resinator OG or Original Resinator XL multifunction Cryo-Trim®, Cryo-Sieve®, and ice water hash washing machine, a $6,380 or $9,350 value
  • 1x Harvest Right Medium or Large Pharmaceutical freeze dryer for maximum ice water hash drying capacity, a $3,295 or $3,995 value
  • 1x PurePressure automated Pikes Peak V2 or Longs Peak pneumatic rosin press, as well as a press-specific matching accessory kit, universal air connection kit, and a USA made California Air Tools quiet air compressor, a $12,099 or $13,199 value
  • 1x Stainless steel matching Original Resinator equipment stand with wheels and a drilled drain hole for easy washing, sieving, and cleaning, a $836 value 

Each Resinator also comes with the following accessories right out of the box: 3 piece set of 200, 100, and 75 micron drum screens and one ¼” mesh trim screen, set of 4 Bubblebag resin collection bags (73, 90, 190, 220 microns) w/ pressing screen, 6 piece anti-bacterial resin collection tools, all plug-and-play fittings for water and liquid CO2 operation, plus a digital scale, timer, and more!  25, 50, 150, and 400 micron screens and ½” trim screens are also available to purchase to take your material refinement to the next level.
Please note: liquid CO2, which is not included, is required for Cryo-Trim®
and Cryo-Sieve®. To learn more about liquid CO2, read our blog here.

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