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The Future of
Botanical Extraction and Cannabis Trimming

Our Resinator is the only All-in-One solvent free extraction product with Wet, Dry & Flash Freeze capabilities. Use it as a cannabis trimmer, or make kief or bubble with the help of liquid CO2.

Our custom micron screens are Removable, Washable, & Replaceable. Everything you need is included in each Resinator purchase. *CO2 Not Included*

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Proudly Made
in the USA

All-In-One :

Solventless Extraction Trichome Collection H2O Extraction Cryo-Trim with CO2

with CO2


with Dry-Ice or CO2


• CO2 Cannabis Extraction – FLASH FREEZING with liquid CO2.

• BLADE-LESS CO2 cannabis trimmer cuts trim time by up to 85%.

• BUBBLE while you TUMBLE, simply add water & ice.

• Traditional DRY SIEVE.

• DRY-ICE can be used to achieve frozen resination.

• LIVE & Fresh Frozen – Biomass Reduction & Trichome Collection.

H2O Extraction

with Ice Water





BEFORE               AFTER


Drag line to preview trim.

Additional Equipment & Services

Simplify your harvest with our hand-picked selection of cannabis trimming, drying, curing, and extracting equipment. Maximize your yield with training, support, and even on-site processing services brought to you by our partners at Industry Processing Solutions.

Drying & Curing

Concentrate Processing

Plug & Play Bundles

Processing Services

with Industry Processing Solutions

Our Models

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Resinator OG

The OG model has all the same functionality and benefits you find in our larger XL model. Ideal for those processing smaller batches or work in limited space.


Resinator XL

Our larger XL model can hold up to 7 lbs per trim cycle, or 15 lbs while doing Separation functions. Trims 1 lb per minute.


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NEW – Resinator XLS PRO

Contact us for information on Pre-Ordering.



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